Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #15

Things That I Fear

It's not you great ancient beast
that sets upon me the fear
of the great unknown...
the path of the Mother,
how certain will her travel be?
In our mind
our course is set
even as we pray for other truths.

Shadows trail across your brow,
furrowing deep, dark
veins of uncertainty,
stumbling into that great toothed casm,
the millenium,
we enter our certain destiny...
unknown to us, our future here,
unknown to you, your future here.

What is certain is the season...
the summers will stay
to harvest the growth...
the winters will stay
to nurture new growth.
My hopes matter not,
just a child in my Mother's arms
I skip through the seasons
secure in her future...
is it folly?

Man, do not take that from me...
do not take that from Her,
leave my Mother to her study.
Let her rest in the hope
that her sons, her daughters,
the heirs of destiny and truth
will know the meaning
of eternal peace and regrowth.
As misguided offspring
we destroy all
that is precious,
all that we fear.
Our grace is to honor...
to honor the Mother
to honor the beast.

I fear not the winter
I fear not the beast...

Yup, it's that time again...Hey, Harriet shadow shot time. Check out Tracey's blog for the rest of the shots and come on, takes some shots and join in the fun.

The love of the primitive...

I love the texture of old feed sacks, plus the concept of using them to cover 'not so perfect' surfaces, is to me a really cute touch...very PRIMITIVE. Yes it isn't for everyone, but what cute accent pieces here and there in your home, on a porch or in the kitchen, with the lil' prim lampshade to shine through a glow. I can see them mixed in with whites or a French country look. I just love so many looks, it's hard for me to choose a I won't...I want them all!!!

I am also getting ready for the pours on my primitive candles for fall. The scent is called 'Fireside' and has a slight scent of the campfire with a floraly, kinda masculine cologne scent. I love this one, it is just screaming FALL and that cozy inside, kinda book readin' weather.

These are all displayed in The Candle Shed, but will be taken to Sisters' for the Fall Open House in two weeks.

Friday, August 29, 2008

New stuff a comin'...

Well, as the girls at Sister's are starting to accumulate new stuff for the Fall Open House, Barb always likes to sneak in a few new items to entice the regulars, plus she is starting to fill the stores with grasses and trees and nests. If you have never been to one of the open houses, you need to make an is something to behold...and don't get me started on her Christmas displays. With the country setting as back-drop, the yard will be filled and manicured to perfection. As the days shorten and the evening sets upon us earlier, there are always candles hung in trees or luminaries to light your just never know, I am always amazed.

Like the time she said she was renting a tent...when I drove in with my bulging truck and trailer, I thought Barnum and Bailey had just arrived...but when I walked in the tent, I was just speechless at all the stuff she had brought in and the candles and lights...OH MY...I had died and gone to heaven...get outta my way, I need to shop!!!

As always, I will be bringing many new soap and candle scents too, plus my new primitive furniture designs...but that's another post.

So I won't be spillin' any beans here, you just have to come and see for yourself...remember, mark Sept. 19 & 20 on your calender and start stashing some cash...I already have, hope you don't beat me there.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Colors of Autumn...

This was the sky in the morning, burning through burlap on my window...

this is the new scented soap, bright purple with fragrance of autumn grapes...

this is the squirrel filling his belly for winter's store with bright yellow corn...

this is a bright pink desk, waiting for someone to lighten a corner...

and this is the night sky, heralding the autumn eve to burn in our memory of a summer past.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Cotton Shop

If you are a quilter or a seamstress of any kind, The Cotton Shop is the place for you. It's housed in a beautifully restored old mercantile building in our historic downtown. The quilts on the walls and draped across the furniture will make ya just wanna get started on those fall projects...Christmas is just around the corner you know (don't remind me)... There are tons of shelves packed to the gills with wonderful flannels, cottons, felts in a myriad of colors and patterns...and yes they do have patterns too. I hate to sew, but when I'm in their shop, I just want to start a project...quilting is too tedious for me, if it ain't done in a day, it ain't gitten I don't sew! This is a very popular shop in town and the girls are busy quilting for others in the shop and directing shoppers to their needs.

The Cotton Shop is open Mon.-Fri. 9-5 Sat. 9-4 Phone 563-262-5709

What does the word 'LOVE' mean...

It means ELMO...Elmo is a Shihtzu and this is his classic 'before and after' shot. After 25 years in the biz, I am still enthralled by the transformation and attitudes of our little hairy friends. They look so homeless and forlorn when they first come into the shop, sad to be away from 'Mom' , knowing that they are gonna have ta' sit still for a whole hour...unheard of...but what about the cat next door...what about the mailman, who will let him know I'm here?

We have harnessed the love of the creatures since the dawn of time, making them our companions of another realm, trying to understand who they are and why they exist... is it only for our pleasure? And who is really the master here?

The compassion for another living creature was, until recently, thought to be only a human trait, but now we ponder. Many great beasts show compassion and caring, love of family, sadness in death. Do we need to learn more from our brother the beast or are we the beast. Killing not for food, but for things, land, gems, gold, resources, other human beings. You don't see them selling each other out for their good. Only man will go down in history as the selfless, greedy creature, bent on consuming all that crosses his path.

Do we need to learn from the simplest of creatures, to take only what is needed for survival, not to take from others, to share in the pack for the survival of all. Our numbers have grown to such a staggering state, that they threaten the mere existence of the entire planet.

But when it is finished...who will be the survivor here...will it be the super bug, resistant to all toxins man has poured on the very fiber of life. Will the future human be relative to the despised cockroach...or have we gone full is time for a new dawn.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whites and Summer at Manleys'...

The geraniums are in full bloom at Manley's Antiques and the white furniture makes the red bloom even more country. I was getting short on my feed sack fabric, so had to take a quick trip up to town to see what LeeAnn had in the way of sacks and as usual she had a bunch. But you know me, camera in hand, I have to let you drool over the new stuff Dave has polished and repaired and LeeAnn has transformed into beautiful country settings, just like the good ol' days. If you're ever in Muscatine or just passing by us, take the time to stop by or call us for any prices. LeeAnn or Dave will gladly take your call and give you their best price. Call Manley's @ 563-264-1475.

What's in your window...

I was prompted to write a post about the kitchen window sill today, as I pondered what Eve from Gardening on the Gulf Coast was saying about what we put on our kitchen window sill. Does it say who we are...or what we may have remembered from a time when the little things meant so much. Is it a place just to stash all those little things that get in our way, but are too worthy to pitch...does it hold a collection of memories, blooming herbs and flower starts in little bottles filled with tender white roots...does it have shiny glass marbles and prisms, reflecting little rainbows all over the ceiling, are there photos, statues and dishes?

Think of your sill and what it reflects in your world and what you remember of Mom and Grandmom or Auntie. Mine this time of year is always filled with the dwindling supply of fresh tomatoes and peppers, soon to be replaced with sprigs of plants reading themselves with healthy roots for the next season of summer splash. It also holds strong in my memory those beautiful African violets my Mum and Grandmum always had in the window, starts passed from one to the other, always fun to get those little leaves to produce the grand floral abundance of the lowly violet.

I also remember the little flower pots, mostly McCoy pottery, holding stringy philodendron, saved from floral arrangements from a hospital visit or a special occasion. The little 'Made in Japan' statues of animals that Granny allowed me to play with and Grandad always repaired with that mystery glue that always turned a honey gold color, but still held my precious toys together.

Ahhh, the good ol' days, what are your memories...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall Open House

Barb has set the date for the Fall Open House, September 19 & 20. If you have never been to one of the fall flings, you have got to mark this one on the calender. Barb always manages to amaze all of us with the special effects she works up just to bring in the seasons. The beautiful setting at Sisters' is a treat for the senses. Hilly Iowa farm land with newly harvested fields, scent the crisp autumn air. Beautiful scarlet sunsets, beloved by Mark Twain, frame Sister's pond, creates a flaming, reflected pool. Just last week I watched a pair of Amish farmers cutting hay with horse-drawn mowers, great grey beasts appeared to move in slow motion as they plodded the hills effortlessly.

So these are some pictures of last years event...I just want to get you in the mood for all that Barb does to give her customers that special appreciation of the seasons and the wonderful friends that enter here.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shopping Soiree'

Sure have been gettin' some good finds lately...I love the ol' possum belly, they just make the best work tables in the kitchen and hold lots of taters and onions...the lil' wash stand has been stripped, I think that is why I liked it. I will put a fabric top on it from an old feed sack a new look I will be experimenting with, as I did already with the piano stool. Cute primitive lil' stools, a demi-lune table, great fruit still life (which will stay in my kitchen)'s a reward for being such a frugal shopper...right...and of course you can't pass up porch posts if the price is right. Got a few other smalls I forgot to put in the shot, like a piece of fancy ball and stick fretwork, an old tin and wood drawer full of glass chair guards and a cute lil' box with a divider in it that looks ever so cute with my Ma Kettle (me) and Jethro (my man) in it...and I think it has to stay too....did I mention I love m job, a day in a hot building, slaving over piles of junk, loading a truck in this heat ALL BY MYSELF...and where is a Jethro when you need him???

But I do it all for you and the rest of the junk floozies out there, so you can dream in the land of the dumpster, AMERICA...the throw away if I could just get a part time job at the city dump...or maybe drive a big rig (garbage truck). Now that would be a job...hangin' off the back of a big ol' truck like a man...giddy-up big feller!!!

Ahhhh, the life of a junk gypsy...

Shadow Shot Sunday #14

Well, my blogger post apparently doesn't want to do it my way, so adding a new post was the only way I can tell ya to go to Hey, Harriet and check out all the fun shadow shots, leave an encouraging word and go shoot shadows. You'll be amazed at the new world you will enter and the new friendships you will form.

Shadow shot Sunday--Oh, Loud Thunder

Your forest shadow echos in my heart
of a day in my youth when I walked your
depths before the waters came.
Once lush canopy hovered majestic
over deer trail and human path
turning an adventurous child
into a Native American legend.
We could run as 'wild Indians'
and no one was offended by a word.
In youth there is no prejudice
only a moment to run free into history.
To run and jump high with the wind
to soar with the eagle.

The scars of humanity fence you in now
only by boat can I get to your trail.
But your beauty remains steady
in an uncertain world.
Shadow on shadows
beauty and nought
I write with tears in my heart
secretly knowing the future
knowing what is my fate
knowing what is yours.
Your great green mounds
whisper the secret to my being
I will always walk your path
in beauty
I will always walk your path
in beauty
It is finished.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A little Iowa Corn Anyone...

Right...I couldn't believe my eyes as Vikki and I passed this street sign on the way to Anamosa yesterday, so natch, I had to share with my more sophisticated friends...well anyway, the ones that appreciate a good laugh when they see it. You never know what will pop up among the corn rows do ya...HA!

We also saw these wonderful old quarry stone buildings, their purpose is unknown to us, but their beauty and antiquity was worthy of noting. This area was heavily damaged by the floods this year and the main highway into town was just recently opened. You can't imagine just how high the river got in this old, historic Iowa town. But they have a charming and thriving downtown, one worth visiting again.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A New Find...

If you love primitives, this is the place for you, Gatherings is a wonderful mix of primitive wares and a spattering of new, candles and soaps. I knew Wanda had a shop in Anamosa, but I had never driven that far before...boy was that a mistake, now I'm hooked. Wanda has been buying my soaps for a while now and decided to go with more scents, so I decided to deliver to her. Vikki from Humble Heart offered to ride with me, as she knew the way and I can always use her muscles when delivering to Sisters' off these intrepid shoppers went, knowing they can never say NO to that perfect piece...and we were right...LAYAWAY, we love you!!!

But if this doesn't make you wanna shop Iowa, I don't know what will (besides Sisters')...I'm trying to expand your horizons here, bare with me...every inch, upstairs, downstairs and in between is filled with perfectly executed vignettes from 'back in the day'...she knows how to torture! Enjoys the vignettes and check out her website.
Where will we go next week...the mystery continues...