Thursday, December 12, 2013

Annie Sloan style on the cheap...

 First ya take an awesome old, Victorian chest...

Then ya start to prime, no sand...
I used Pittsburgh Ultra paint~'Knight's Armour'.
1 1/2 C. paint, 1/4 C. Plaster Paris, 1/4 C. hot water
mix good, then paint, it covers great.

I wanted a faux zinc finish for this piece,
so in this process I completely waxed on a layer
of Johnson's paste wax, let it dry and buffed,
then lightly sanded edges to distress...
then I put on another coat of wax adding
a dab of silver latex paint to my wax brush
and painted it on all over the surface,
then buff when dry.

Kinda hard to see, but it has an uneven
metallic sheen sorta like zinc.

Love the look and the paint covered
marvelously, with an awesome satin finish.
Always work with small batches,
as the paint becomes grainy in a day or so,
but this one batch I made covered all this stuff!

Tools of the trade...
my cheapo version of the expensive
stipple brush...$2.00 on the!

 Then I painted a chair...

 and a parlor table...
Then staged it in the front window
of the shop...
I love to play with paint
and it doesn't have to cost you an
arm and a leg to do it...
AND CRAZY(it helps)