Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...The Wild Ones...

Monsieur Monet
have you seen my rose
dawn has flourished
a masterpiece
as sweet scented dews
ravage a petal's
perfum'd essence
these perfect pink medallions
charm my soul
and flourish
only for me
the mistress of the lane
at this prairie chateau
my sandy loam
is hardly your palette
but your
uncultivated cousin
as coarse as the winds
rather would wander here
renegade princess of the fence row
she rules untethered
lacking regalia
she is strong willed
and true to her course
my sweet shy partner
renouncing the winds
we share seat to the throne
queens of the conservatory
the wild ones
bloom in singular
love of the home'lund
thorny and scorned
yet petite dreams of
castled gardens in the
the highlunds
for these wild prairie forbes
not so far from our minds
a painted portrait resides
of two fair maids
hand in hand
the petaled princess
and the faded rose


As always a dreamer and shadow shooter I meet with like-minded souls to share shadow portraits, though it's Sunday in Australia, us Westerners gather early to chat with our Aussie pals. We're having a blast over at Harriet's place...won't you join us there???

Friday, January 29, 2010

I take a walk in the woods...

I have a dilemma here at the Pink Chateau...
to paint or not to paint
Spring is coming soon and
this nester is finding the urge to fluff
is greater than the fear...soooo...
this is where you come in my friends

I want to paint this wonderful old piece weathered white...

and the same with this old dame
the woods a weathered white
set against the antiquity
of the frayed ancient threads...

thus the farm table
part of the swamp
{work table}
would receive it's fair share of change
as the weathered whites
challenge a friend...

So what do you think my decorating friends...this cupboard has been with me for many years and it pulls me between the country woods and the awesome look of the French cottage European flare.

I will paint them all white and glaze the surface giving the ancient ambiance that already graces the original plaster walls of the chateau. I want a new look and Spring is coming
and I need change!!!!!

OK TOT, you've seen it, whattayathink???

Change is coming to the Pink Chateau!
Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bit o' the Sisters and Bloom...

I loved this shot so much, I'm trying it as my header...ya think???

Spring cleaning is well on it's way at Sisters'
every trip there is filled with surprise
new stuff comes in daily
the grounds are still frozen
and huge snow cone-like drifts
cover all the garden urns,
but we know what lies ahead
time to check out all the stuff
that will be potential garden room decor
come claim your prize
you know
if you snooze
you lose...ha!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our first holiday is coming...

...and the heart soaps are comin' to town...
Valentine gifts for your sweety...

These, however are going to Sister's Garden today after I get my flat tire fixed...
Did I say ARGH!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wint'ry white...

Ahhh...the winter whites...
guess I spoke too soon about Spring
it snowed all day yesterday
but the light fluffy fringe
flew to another's nest
only an inch has laid to rest...

But it sure made for a pretty setting for the chair and frames that I decided to paint white...
all will be seen at Sister's Garden...SOON...

Monday, January 25, 2010

OMG...the sun...and a day of shopping...weeeee...

Check it out...BLUE SKY!!!

It's a miracle and it was out for two whole notice the ice has melted from our frozen river, that's a good thing, it will send much of it downstream to prevent flooding theory anyway!

So I went to my favorite haunt and did a little R&R...SHOPPING, haven't been in so long because of the weather(and finances)...but aren't these just the cutest lil' shoes ever!!! They're about two inches long and very delicate...sweet!

This to die for's crying to stay at the chateau...but you know the game...must go to the shop...argh...

This wonderful old ladder back chair that just may have to be black...or white, haven't decided yet, wonderful gold frames, lil' linoleum topped stool and great bridge lamp...sigh...

I bought three of these old picture thermometers with country scenes..too sweet...

Ladies shoe forms, sweet statues of a young man and a German Shepherd dog...

...and who doesn't need a pair of pachyderms...especially a red one, made of chalk, I wonder if they were carnival prizes...hmmm...

I gotta do this more often, now that we've had a glimpse of Spring...yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...we have two more months of harsh Winter yet...but WHO'S COUNTING...'s snowing right now...ARGH!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...A Land Far Far Away...

Once in a land
far far away
the sun was shining
o' shining

striped trout
soar high
in the mystic sky
guides of the light
they know what I seek
in shadow I wait
a maid in the mists

somewhere slumbering
it's yet to grace
the land and the seas
of dreams
with sparkling
promised retreat

deep into Winter
winds gather
and carry my hope
of the rising sun
far into the looming
here's my heart
take me with you

darkness calls me home
yet I feel the warmth
of your distant brow
under the thick
cold blanket
of weathering storms

I'm a child
of the bright hope
breaking the mists
o' the 'morrow
a maid o' the light
I wait wanting
the love
and the caress
of this skylark

here's my hand
take me with you
to this promised
light journey
in a land
far away


I long for the sun...can you tell...but not our Aussie friends, go to here to check out the rest of us looming in shadow...
I've had to go to my archives for photos, since we haven't seen the sun in days...
good thing shadows capture my attention all the time these days...
thanks Tracie for the addiction...ha!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SQUIRREL!!! me and Scratchy's world...
you bark at squirrels...ALL DAY!!!

...and make Cracked in the Head nightlights...

and eyeball earrings...
You know I can't get to work, so I work at home...yeah, this is what I do,
all on a winter's day...
oh yeah...

...and I paint frames white...

Stuff is for sale on The Wild Thing blog...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring scents are in...eeeeeee....

Boy, Piper and I are excited about the new scents comin' in the door...
Cucumber Wasabi & Cilantro
Sweet Orange Chili Peppers
Australian Bamboo Grass
Cucumber Splash
Agave Lime

How about the exotic scent of
Black Linen & Amber
Asai Berry
Champagne Pomegranate
English Ivy

And just for fun...
Bite Me and Fruit Loops...
and trust me on the Fruit Loops,
you'll wanna run for bowl and the milk.

All new soap and candle scents coming soon at Sweet Repose,
located at Friends Candle Shed and
Sister's Garden

We're pushing for Spring!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter in Iowa...

Well, sorta...when you live in the upper Midwest, dreams of moving to warmer climes often enter your they did the year I moved to Florida. This was my cute lil' retro trailer, my first home in paradise.

This was the living room...all decked out in treasures brought from Iowa and some scored there. First thing I did was rip out the carpet and paint the floors and walls white...ahhhh...

A gravel road to nowhere at my second home...ahhh, peaceful living...

Cypress knees, one of my fave roads to travel...I was in paradise you know...

After hurricane Charlie...weeeeeee....

The nature preserve at the end of my road at the second home...

The sunset of my dreams...maybe someday again...

Monday, January 18, 2010

We wait in silence...

The intrepid 'clammer' awaits the Spring thaw, as we all must...
it's Winter in Iowa
in the Midwest...

Winter has us in dead-lock, the Mighty Mississippi lies dormant, barges wait at the gait, the lock and dam in the distance see no traveler near or far...

An historic river city waits, shrouded in gloom...
history looms...

A majestic sycamore show off it's winter whites
in the misty cloaks of a season's sleep...

...and a frigid boat dock waits and waits, as Winter runs it's course...there is beauty still...
Yes, Winter is a waiting game for all in the Nor'lunds
and patience is the game...sigh...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...Friend

A snow dance
a tango of faith
into a Winter's song
she ever so softly strolls
by my side and
into my heart
as we seek each others eye
pools of silence
share the journey
of friends
of woman
of beast

when I am cold
I hope to find you
by my side
you've beckoned me and
I thought I heard you call my name
the magic of the dream
haunts me still
a wild song
we share as friend

I rise to find you
where you lay
a Winter's mist
wails across your face
as years pass by
I 'm a haunted woman
by our faith of friend
and how it lasts
the years
and ne'er fades away
like the morning dew
and the hour long past by


We'd love to share a bit of our Winter's cool air with our sweltering Aussie friends, but is what it is...but we can share shadows from across the seas. Check out Harriet, you won't be disappointed...

These words are just a little bit of an exercise in faith that I have with my trusty heathen Scratchy...

a squirrel...!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I took another road Manley's Antiques

Click to enlarge these shots...yes, they are as cool as they look!

This cupboard is huge!!! It had contact paper on the front doors, so paint was removed as the paper pulled away...but what a piece!!!
It came out of an old school, possibly the cafeteria.

The inside is in perfect condition, with it's original boards in place, with removable shelves.

I ' heart' old original finish Victorian dressers...

...and wonderful old work tables...

One day I'll show a peak of Dave's work space at the back of the store, this is where the cleanin' and fixin' is performed. Every piece in their shop is ready to put in your home,
nothing for you to do, but enjoy...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I took a little road trip...

...and Sister's Garden was where I went...

...soon it will be spring and all of you crazies(like me) will be clamoring to get out of the house and on the road again...
see ya when ya get here...