Friday, July 27, 2012

A vision...daring to be different...

 Oh yeah, I fought the beast, the white beast,
the black beast...the pastel beast won...
heading up to Candle Shed Effect!

 I've decided to bring my furniture back to
The Shed...

 the purses and Lucky 13 t-shirts
match the furniture...

 When I buy a piece, I usually have something
in mind, a color, a setting...I try to do
several pieces to pull it all together,
frames, flowers, smalls or the rhinestones of
the purses.

 We also decided to go quirky in the shop,
adding skulls and skeletons,
bugs and bones, pushing the limits
in our lil' river burg...

 We again have incense in the shop,
and to my surprise, they are selling well,
as are the funky burners we carry too...

 As always, the creepy babies...
a most unique item to be sure, but,
it's all in fun, we are pushing the limits,
no holds barred, you never know what to
 expect, right...

THANKS Mark and Liz,
you guys always have the best junk...
everyone needs a ratty ol' deer head
to hang their hat on,
I better get busy making those
boney windchimes, thanx for
the box of bones too...
see y'all at the

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Did I mention I'm over white...

 Had these cute lil' pieces 4EVER,
they were painted white...

 not any more...
aqua and fuscia, what fun porch colors,
fun summer colors,

 also found this cute lil' table whilst out
shopping the other day...cute!

 And this cool pottery spittoon
and iron leaves...

 And this great apothecary head

and palm reader hand...
way cool,
I simply must keep

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drought in the bread basket...

 In times of drought you learn lessons,
what will grow and what requires
too much water...

 When you have times of severe sun activity,
it's hotter and dryer than normal.
We don't know how long this cycle will last,
but next growing season I will do things
a little differently, I will spend my winter,
which will again, probably be warmer
and find more drought solutions.

 Having to water every day just to keep
the wilt from stunting the crops is an
exercise in poor beets, the
second crop is suffering!

 Dry, yet my beloved cedars still survive...

 as do my second crop of green beans,
but the tomatoes still lag behind,
though I've actually eaten two, I'm testing several
 heirlooms 'longside the old stand byes...
a study in survival, as our governments
wreak havoc on our weather...

 This is first crop broccoli, I planted twelve
plants, I've eaten two, this is what two more look
like, I should've had all in the freezer by now...

 I finally got the chickenwire up for the
birdhouse gourds to climb on, but they
are very stunted and have to be watered every
other day as you can see,
the hosta are burned by the scorching
heat of a sun in cycle...

 I hide myself away behind shutters
to keep it's heat at bay, I haven't slept upstairs
for weeks...too hot up there with no vents
in this lil' ol' shack, I have NEVER run my air
 as much as this year, but I now know it's a
cycle of ol' Sol, so we wait inside and
hope for another warm winter,
while we prepare for next years season.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I got me some issues...

 My latest acquisition, this shabby shade and
marble lamp came from Sister's Garden...

 doesn't it fit perfect in the front room...

Yup, I got issues, but I'm luvin' me
some ratty ol' lampshades,
my style, my fantasy, my crazy...
heart it!

Friday, July 6, 2012


 My gourds got some serious wilt goin' on...

 the wind is out of their sails,
my birdhouse gourds...

 Turnips and beets...whew...

 cukes flat, sunflowers flourish...

 Brussels sprouts n broccoli

but the work goes on,
7 more pints for the larder,
no rest for the wicked...heehee!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

One day at a time...

 I sit on my sweltering back porch
gazing at my lil' six acre paradise,
a dream that I have accomplished on my own,
carving an existence without the help
of a man in my life...
many have said they would be too lonely,
well, that depends on how needy
one is, how much one wants or NEEDS...
I have found that I don't need that much!
Living with a philandering alcoholic 
for 20 years, makes one quite independent.

 I don't can quarts anymore,
that would be a waste of food and
space...mmmmm...pickled beets...

 Through a difficult spring of crazy
weather trends, finally my beans are
 flourishing, I don't believe in the lies
of global warming anymore, knowing
 now that we are being tricked into the grand
scheme only to be forced into paying
 a carbon tax...thank you very much Al Gore!!!

 My turnips are huge, bigger than any I've
 ever grown, though now, I'm forced to
vigorously wash all my veggies with peroxide,
to get off GPC(grain processing) residue, jet fuel
and contrail toxins and a smattering of
nuclear fallout from Fukushima and
the rest of the energy companies that lie
about their leaking reactors and illegally
dumped waste...and for my Facebook friends
that think I'm crazy for bashing the Obamacare,
hey, I voted for the man, I wanted to believe,
but I now know what it means, it's a tax!
And don't tell me that you'll be paying for
ME if I don't pay, no, I'll still be paying
for you that needs to go to a doctor every time
 you fart...if I had the freedom to go to a
homeopathic doctor, you might have me
on board, but I want my freedom to choose,
are you crazy, let them choose!
I don't do vaccinations, I don't do antibiotics,
I don't buy any of the run for the cure scams,
I understand cancer, I'm not afraid of it,
I've seen it up close and personal,
but I am afraid of my government.
45% of Americans are waking up now,
they are opening their eyes to the tyranny,
they are arming themselves for the
revolution that will soon be upon us,
we have seen the signs...

I wanted to believe in change, I wanted
to have hope, but we're a long way from it.
Talking to like mind people is all I need,
people that work together selflessly,
it isn't about me, me, me, it's about us...
you don't get lonely when you have US
(and a good dog)
I want this freedom for the world,
not just us big fat Americans.
I hate being hated by the rest of the world,
I hate that our government bullies
EVERYONE,  lies, lies, lies,
you don't know what to believe anymore,
but I believe in me and our
and that change is coming!
And don't tell me 'if you don't like it here,
move'...kiss my ass!
I love my country and will fight for it's
freedom from tyranny, here and abroad...
we are all brothers and sisters!
what if there were 3 sexes instead of 2...