Saturday, March 31, 2012

A drive to Sister's Garden...

I took a day trip up to Sisters' yesterday
with some new inventory in tow...
love this new spoon-carved chest and
the fence sections...too cute!
and do I love this pair of made in Spain
roosters, they just complete the country
feel of this setting.

along with the old umbrella frame, you
get the idea that summer is on it's way!
I even sorta like the fabric!
A countrified setting for sure, porcelain
 pans filled with soaps, embroidered
tablecloths and warm weathered woods...
and country blues, would love this
old stove if it had a string of lights in it...
A really cool fixture of some sort,
would be great with candle sticks in it.
A cute lil' chest for a whimsy style
on a whimsical day at Sister's Garden...K...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hoppin' down the bunny trail...


 A basket full of cuteness...

 It's bunny the Candle Shed...

and Sister's Garden...TODAY!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teddybear kennel clip...yorkie...

 Start at the base of the skull and work back
toward the tail, using a #7F. It's spring,
 so everyone wants them short, always shave
with the grain of the hair, down to the knee
on rear legs and elbow on front.

 Attach # 5 blade, hold leg out at elbow
and shave DOWN all 4 legs...

 Using a # 7F, shave down the cheeks
 from the corner of the eye to the neck,
 then shave the back of the ears, from base to the tip
 with a 7F. The tips of the ears are shaved
with a #10, about 1 inch.
Shave under the armpits with a #10,
 this area tends to get matted if the hair
is left long, it's hard to brush out
and it hurts, so just shave it. Do this under the
 tail and belly and under the eyes.
I'm sure your dog is not holding still
for all of this, but remember to make
him stand and use patience...
believe me, Precious is a little toad
she will choke herself rather than stand,
so she's a real pain in the arm, but
she's adorable, so I deal...
Now it's bath time, the rough-in is complete.

Time to trim the face and the ears,
 be really careful as you scissor the
 contour of the ears, just enough to even
 them up.
When you have the dog dry, brush the hair
forward and begin the process again,
shave with the #7F the whole body and down
the side of the face, again with the #5
on the legs. A simple method for drying,
I hope you all have a small dog crate, fold up a
towel and lay your hair dryer on it,
blow it full speed on WARM for 5-10 minutes,
then take out the dog and brush against the
 grain, if any hair is still damp just spot
dry it with the dryer.
Comb the hair against the grain on the legs,
scissor the long hairs and round the toes,
keep doing it until you have a smooth look,
or just do it the first time if you aren't
that picky, remember, this ain't the
Westminster, so it doesn't have to be
perfect the first time!
Comb the hair forward on the head and try
to trim it round best you can, same with the beard.
Again, don't try to be perfect, it'll come!

Remember, this is just basic,
just to get you started, you can fine-tune
each time as the dog trusts AND OBEYS
you and same goes for you, I think
my very first grooming took me hours.
I studied the book endlessly, but you are sooo
lucky, you have You-tube, check it out,
there are tons of great videos that will
really help you out...
have fun!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What next...
Baker's Green Acres farm raises hogs,
not just any old hogs, these are a sustainable
breed that handles the Michigan winter with
ease. They have a darker red meat,
 with a sweeter composition than your
regular factory farm meats...
But the Michigan DNR has deemed
them feral and plans to destroy the herd
April 1. This is most likely due to
pressure from huge factory pork producers
into whose pockets the DNR is deeply
embedded, money talks...
Just another bid to destroy the family farm.
The Bakers have developed a niche market,
but in todays corrupt society,
you don't have the freedom of choice...
I'm just waiting for the food gestapo
to raid my hen yard, deeming them
as an unhealthy food source,
 but a hen raised in a battery box is healthy.
Please protest this in any way
possible, make it go viral for all of us!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not to worry...

Actually grooming your dog can be fun...
if you make it a possitive experience!

I'm a self-taught groomer...
my step-pops is a veterinarian,
one day he handed me a book on grooming,
a set of clippers and said LEARN...
I was in my 20's, been doing it
ever since. I watched the dog shows
faithfully to see how breed styles
were really supposed to look, now,
with the internet you have it all
available with a click.
Next week I'll begin to show
a grooming in progress as I work on it.
I am showing you the basics,
nuthin fancy, just what you need to maintain.
Then as you progress, you may want to try
 the finer art of grooming.
if you really love it and want a career change,
grooming can be very rewarding.
the money is good!
But I would suggest starting one
on your own, working for another shop
can be grueling, shop competion,
 ruthless shop owners and bad clients
that you want to choke...
you don't have to take their crap,
and believe me, they can sling it!
More on that later as well.
So get an apron and I'll see ya
next week.

Friday, March 23, 2012

OK, here's the poop...

 So you wanna groom your own dog...
I strongly encourage and will answer
 any questions anyone has, this is about
your dog and it's well being!

 Buy a quality clipper, it's worth it's weight!
You'll pay $150.00, but you get a
free blade with it...
Don't cheap out on me here!

 Get a good slicker brush,
this is a small one, I use a large.
The wires must be bent on the end,
this pulls out the loose hair,
around $10.00...

 Get a  good pair of toe nail clippers,
I know, I know, you are all
chicken shit when it comes to this,
but grab a small container of Quickstop,
a dab of the powder will stop
the bleeding NOW,
trust me, even a groomer
misses every once in a while,
 but it needs to be done
once a month!!!
 Shears, since I only groom small
dogs now, I don't buy into the
pricey shears anymore, I buy my
scissors from Sally's beauty, do buy
the longest ones though,
around $20 bucks...
the above shears can run up to $400.00
for the pro models, but then you
 have to find a sharpener that won't
ruin your scissors, with the cheaper
salon styles, you can replace when dull.

 I'm going to show you all you need
to do it yourself...
this is a #10 blade, this is the one
that comes with your clipper.
This blade shaves the tummy area,
under the tail, the pads and feet
(of poodles)
and under the eyes.
Don't even buy into the plastic guards
that many clippers have...
unless you really know how to use them!

 This is a #7F blade, my fave...
this is for summer clips, it takes it short.
I use this on the backs of westies,
schnauzers, cockers, but it can be
used all over if really short is what
you need, but not as short as a #10,
leaves hair an eighth to a quarter inch.
All blades will run from $20-40
and most are in interchangable
with other clipper models. Use a blade
lube to keep sharp and a blade wash
to clean hair out...more on that later!

 A great blade, this can be used all over
the dog or when you use the#7F on
the body, a #5 can be used on
the legs, so the dog doesn't look scalped.
Leaves hair one quarter to a half inch long.
The comb is for fine scissoring, like
the topknot/legs/tail, comb against
the grain then scissor off long hairs.
This comb is great because it's
teflon coated...
The most important thing for you
to remember is always groom your
dog on a table and
They will be antsy at first,
but will soon learn, if they wiggle,
the table wiggles, hence
dog stands still(in theory).
Don't scream or show frustration,
patiently work at making him stand,
Sometimes I'll tap him on the head
with the comb or scissors, just to remind
that we're working here...HELLO...
This is all you should need
to take care of your dog and
get rid of pricey, uncaring groomers,
don't get me wrong, there's a lotta
great groomers out there...
BUT...isn't this what you got
a dog for,
now take care of it!

And please remember, you can always
email me with questions...K...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


 Bichon Frise...
I came out of retirement when the
economy took a dump, simply for
the fact that I needed the extra income.
Grooming for 35 years has taken it's toll,
bad back, tennis elbow, finger joint pain,
hair in the lungs...
but all for the love of dogs...!

 A poodle with a bichon haircut...
this is your best bet for hair shedding.
Highly intelligent, easy to train and FUN!
Many say I'm too cheap, and I agree,
but there is a reason for this...
I'm not the only one struggling out there!
I only groom small dogs and
I only groom dogs that are groomed
frequently, for conscientious pet owners.
This way I have a constant flow of traffic
and I don't kill myself in the process.

 Oh Gayle, the adorable corgi...
shall we talk hair...and lots of it.
Corgis are perpetual shedders, like labs,
German shepherds, Weimeraners, Jack Russells.
So if you don't want hair...
but I love the corgi and almost got one,
but the size more than the hair stopped me,
they aren't small dogs, but adorable
and a riot...right Gayle.

 Pound puppies...
the terrier mix is a fair shedder,
the hair stays on the dog(like poodles),
which requires brushing, otherwise
the matting begins, but the hair
is easy to brush with the proper brush.
I use a slicker brush exclusively,
 a soft bristle brush is for you,
a comb is for finishing
A trick for removing undercoat,
when you bathe the dog,
ALWAYS dilute the shampoo,
I use an old dish soap container,
then while the dog is all soaped up,
use the slicker brush all over,
the hair will come out in heaps.
Never give your dog a bath
and not brush it out...

 Cold climate dogs, mountain dogs...
why would you want one of these
if you live in Florida or Phoenix.
You have no clue to the amount of hair
you will be dealing with...
I would charge $100.00 to groom a
 Newfoundland, Pyranees, St Bernard!

this is a big dog, doesn't shed much, again,
the hair stays on dog and must be brushed.
I am totally against mixing breeds for
profit, but if you're dumb enough
to pay $500.00 to $1000.00
for a mutt...nuff said!
But they are fun dogs.

 There is nothing to compare...right!


Just remember, ask your groomer first
And don't be fooled by the cute little face
Yorkies are adorable puppies,
need constant grooming,
have knee problems,
bark constantly
and think they are Dobermans...
Be prepared and change groomers if
 you aren't happy...
there's a lotta bad apples out there!
Happy brushing...

PS...always groom your dog on a table,
make him stand and obey,
you'll make my job a lot

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, has it been that long... didn't notice that
your dog can't see, that it's been
6 months since the last grooming...
I used to hear it all the time!
I keep my prices reasonable to encourage
more frequent visits, $18.00, this
allows me the right to refuse to do,
but most comply.

 Not much can be done at this point,
it must all come off, unfortunately
this lil' dog is not very good to groom,
she bites when you touch her feet
and face, if she was groomed every two
months, which is the norm,
she would get used to it.

 The full coat...

 without coat...
this sweet lil' guy gets his hair
totally shaved every spring.
This is something I definitely DO NOT
recommend, poms are double coated dogs
and eventually the shaving will ruin the coat,
so if you don't want hair and
constant grooming, do not get a pom...
this lil guy is an angel to groom,
his owners constantly brush him out,
he looks like a little black fox.

And this is the cutest dog
in the whole wide world...
my lil' heathen 'Scratchy'.
She's a Cairn terrier...
key word TERRIER!!!
If you are not prepared for a
high-powered dog, don't go here.
They bark at everything, are bullies
around other dogs, hard to potty train
and hate cats...
but are a laugh a minute, the funniest
 lil' heathens around and
great mousers to boot!
Always research the breeds before
you buy your puppy, talk to a vet
or a groomer to know what
you're getting into, we know dogs
and have heard all the excuses...
don't forget your responsibility
and don't buy from puppy mills!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 I'm still in shell-shock,
Spring is actually here!

 A beautiful blue sky, sunshine
and blooms all over my plum trees!

 And miracle of miracles...
thar be BEES!!!!!
There were real life honey bees all over them,
but, it'll be short lived as soon that
yellow dragon will be flying the skies
and poisoning all around my house...
aerial spraying of the fields of corn and
 beans that surrounds me...the bees will disappear!

But as momentum grows for better foods,
I have faith that people will awaken
and protest!
There is no planet B...
(my bumper sticker)

Monday, March 19, 2012


 I was out walking in my forest
yesterday digging up cedar trees
to add to my tree rows, ok, this
is not my forest, but...15 trees later
and two left to plant, I stood up
 and sprained my ankle...OMG...
I couldn't walk, now what,
I'm 30 feet from my back door
and I can't walk without
excruciating pain...GEESH!

 Well, one good thing, I used my shovel
to slowly hobble back into the house,
where I applied analgesic and an elastic wrap
and elevated my leg for the rest of the day...
now, I don't do well when I know I have tons
to do and I'm laid up...
but I'm happy to report that today
my ankle is doing great...sooo,
business as usual and a lighter note...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Experimenting with Mozart...

 OK, I read in Mother Earth News somewhere
 that if you string old video tape around
your flower beds you could keep your
 chickens at theory,
the rattling and movement of the tape
is supposed to distract them...

 As you can see the lil' boogers have
 roto tilled my hostas and lilies,
 but the stringing
of the tape looks promising...

 I just want to give the plants a little
 more time to get bigger before
 excavation begins...right...

 and they call them bird brains...

as they dust away over at my compost pit,
I work on more strategies to allow them
free range and not lose all my flower beds,
I'm off to Menards to check out fencing,
just sayin'...

ps...when I got home from work,
the neighbors lab had wandered through
and plowed it all down...
Monday I call animal control, two years
 of her running the neighborhood is enough!!!