Friday, June 15, 2012

Mystery gardening...

 My 9 inch tall green beans...

 Yellow beans not much taller and I already
 got a hand full of beans off of them,
but again, the plants are so small
and spindly.

 and as you can see, the rows have bare spots
and I planted eggplant in half the
bare row.

 I've replanted two more times, so
we'll see how this planting goes...

The beets are still puny, but growing, I've
planted another half row, the spinach
is very slow to start...and one seed
of my lettuce planting germinated,
not gonna be much of a salad summer...
Snow peas took forever to break ground
 and the vines are spindly, but I've gotten
3 meals and more on the way,
but it's so dry I'm watering every other day.
Also had my first zucchini, this is the
size I like um, sauteed with Parmesan...
I still think the chem trails are the cause, they block
out the sun's rays and are filled with
aluminum and barium, the government's plot
to sterilize the soil and it's working.
 I've talked to many gardeners all over
the US that say the same thing,
seeds are just not germinating.
But, I'll enjoy my fruits all the same...
that is after I wash off all of the nuclear fallout
with filtered water and peroxide...
gimme back the good ol dayz!!!


donna baker said...

Sharon, I'm sorry you are having trouble this year with your garden cause I know how much work it is. At least I now know you are human as your gardens usually are gangbusters. Last year we got nada; the heat and drought. Got a 5 gallon bucket of green beans yesterday and had to string all of them then can. It took me hours. Pickles, peppers, peaches are all waiting on me. Then more beans. It is so much work. In a few more weeks, I'll be done and saying, what now?

Anonymous said...

Sharon,looks to me like your plants need to be fed,a good organic fertilizer such as veg-tone,or tomato -tone. All that straw pulls nitrogen from the soil as it decomposes.Also try covering your seed rows with burlap and keep moist it will really help with your seed sprouting.
I feel concern about all those chemtrails too,every blue sky is marred and turns cloudy,makes me heartsick.Sylvia

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Yep looks like my beans too. Something is very wrong, and judging from the over 30 comments I had on this subject, it is happening everywhere! Time to get scared that this is going to be the year of food shortages.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Looks like something is not quite right with your veges.
I agree with the organic fertiliser, I use sheep pellets
(sheeps poos) soaked in water and then spread over the soil.

Works a treat...

angelandspot said...

I only planted a few things this year and most did not even germinate. I think it is the crazy weather we had this year plus the lack of rain.

Susie said...

Sharon, I just visited the Amish area up north here in Indiana. They have great gardens...I am thinking they are using animal poo to help their crops. I tried to get Ted to pull over and let me bag up some of those road apples.LOL. Hope your crops get better. The wind dries as fast and hard as the sun, on these hot days. xo, Susie