Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whatsa girl to do...

The fun thing about having a shop
is the constant moving of stuff around.
If something has been in the shop for too long,
I either take it to another location
or I bring it home...
I'm speaking of the old buffet topper
and the oak chest.
But I never worry about it,
I just fit it in until it's time to move it out
or paint it, but some pieces I
just haven't the heart to paint.
These both have been stripped and
no finish applied...raw wood,
I especially love that in my home!
AND I can always use another surface
to set more crap on...
to put it bluntly..............
it sucks to be me...lol!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pimping my pull...

The newly painted 'loo',
ya gotta love it and
phase one...
interior totally painted white,
but I have more work up my sleeve...
old hippie spread cut up for curtains on
windows and the loo, hung from
plain ol' wire...

 Love my Native American rug on the floor
and a small desk to hold books, paper etc...

 The galley is painted and cleaned,
not that I'll be using the stove and sink,
but at least it's a start...

And the cute lil' dining area,
need to make some covers for the cushions
and blue ticking for curtains and
spare sofa pillows.
Gotta get the wiring checked out,
then I'm ready to role into

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My 'PULL'...

 I know y'all are diein' to own one of these gems,
well I finally do...and now comes 
the fun part...decorating it...

 Throwing away the old cushion covers
then trying to decide what fabric to replace
it with...leopard maybe...

 The galley really needs some TLC,
but fortunately in my kinda work, 'distressed'
gives new meaning to 'restoring'...

 Bought these great, old Chinese lanterns today,
can you guess where I'm going with it...
the walls will be white with a rustic wash
over them...Scratchy makes herself at home!

 the 'loo'...walls white and I think
a vintage chair over the top with a hole
in the seat for a more comfortable, relaxed
feeling...it's all about the comfort...right!

 The spare bedroom, yeah right...
you get me up there and you might not
get me down...looks like great storage huh!
It's over the kitchen table.

Yup, it's my baby and I'mma gonna have me some fun...