Thursday, August 30, 2012

I have a secret love...

 Ol' timey fresh
dreamscapes of laced gardens
patterns in light and shadow
entrances to the soul

 filtered perspective
traditional whimsy
players of light

 down homey
waiting for a breeze
and a cool sigh of relief
fresh spirited movement

 billowing breath of a promise
greets an early morning
every morning
in the life

of shadow play
and the exhale of my secret love
summertime and
gently worn lace
tattered and dusted by time
the non-mechanical movement
of a garden on the breath
of a breeze


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I give up...

 Hey girls, FREE RANGE does not mean
As you can see my hosta have taken
a beating again this year,
cool FREE water ...

 Toxic skies...chemtrails and
aerial spraying, he sprayed the fields
around my house for over an hour...
they've been spraying all summer,
surely they've killed off every
living thing in their efforts...
and it's a windy day as well!!!

 This is a broccoli plant
I planted in the spring and it's
taken all summer to produce this's green and gold
with leaves growing out of it's center
and what's really weird...
no worms at all, don't think I'll
eat it, me scared!!!
Out of 12 plants, only 2 were harvested,
they all look like this.

 Out of 6 Brussels sprout plants,
this is the only one that has fruited,
all the buds on the other plants
are the size of buttons and this
plant, there is no shape to the sprouts,
they've all just leafed out,
no sprouts. I know the drought has
taken it's toll, but I've been
watering as well...

 Would you say this pickle
they didn't survive the squash beetle
 attack, however, I did get some
great cukes for smoothies...

My one constant...Booty,
the lil' squirrel that grabs nuts
out of my fingers, then scurries off
to munch. When she hears me up
in the morning out in my kitchen,
she sits and barks at me till I
come out with the 'booty'...
it's the little things that make
it all worth while!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Can you say PLAY DAY at

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Finally got it painted, I really
wasn't going to paint it black,
but the more I thought about it, the 
more I wanted to take it to the
Candle Shed and boy does it look
awesome there. I'm trying to build up
my furniture stock there, so for now,
this is where it stays.

 Uh oh...another creepy baby...

time for a labotomy, then add
the light switch and tattoo and
she'll be ready to roll into the store...
is it Halloween yet???

Sunday, August 5, 2012

What am I doing on my day off...

 Contemplating the next fun color to
 paint this cool chest...

 Watching Louie guard the flock...

 Watching and playing with new toys...

 Making eyeball magnets for the shop...

 Three new mink doilies for the furniture...

 Thinking of the event that confirms
 my beliefs...
I was dreaming of my deceased ex-husband
the other night, when a familiar scent
awoke me from the dream, it was his scent,
a scent I hadn't smelled in years,
a scent of wood, he was a carpenter,
a slight whiff of smoke and the scent
of a man just home from work,
not offensive at all, but a reckoning...
Then as I dragged myself outta bed
and walked to the stairs, I noticed
this silver bracelet laying in the
middle of the floor...
I don't wear jewelry and have no
idea where this piece came from, but,
I do believe in the afterlife and
believe this was a gift from
the other side...maybe an appology,
or just a sign...
whatever it was, it confirms to me that
regardless of how our paths parted,
he'll always be a part of my life...

as I sit on my back porch
 and ponder the lessons
life shares...