Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I give up...

 Hey girls, FREE RANGE does not mean
As you can see my hosta have taken
a beating again this year,
cool FREE water ...

 Toxic skies...chemtrails and
aerial spraying, he sprayed the fields
around my house for over an hour...
they've been spraying all summer,
surely they've killed off every
living thing in their efforts...
and it's a windy day as well!!!

 This is a broccoli plant
I planted in the spring and it's
taken all summer to produce this's green and gold
with leaves growing out of it's center
and what's really weird...
no worms at all, don't think I'll
eat it, me scared!!!
Out of 12 plants, only 2 were harvested,
they all look like this.

 Out of 6 Brussels sprout plants,
this is the only one that has fruited,
all the buds on the other plants
are the size of buttons and this
plant, there is no shape to the sprouts,
they've all just leafed out,
no sprouts. I know the drought has
taken it's toll, but I've been
watering as well...

 Would you say this pickle
they didn't survive the squash beetle
 attack, however, I did get some
great cukes for smoothies...

My one constant...Booty,
the lil' squirrel that grabs nuts
out of my fingers, then scurries off
to munch. When she hears me up
in the morning out in my kitchen,
she sits and barks at me till I
come out with the 'booty'...
it's the little things that make
it all worth while!


Gayle said...

I don't even think I would compost that broccoli. My cousin has a huge blueberry farm........some idiot next to him sprayed and it drifted over to his bushes. Finished off the blueberries for this year , and he thinks probably next because it damaged the actual plants. We are all so screwed.

sweetvintageofmine said...

squirrel BOOTY is adorable! GOD does show us wonderful things even when there is UGLY around us! Hang in there...BOOTY NEEDS YOU! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

suzeeez said...

I LOVE the picture of your girls in your bird bath ....too cute !

Anonymous said...

Heat can cause that problem,now that the weather is cooler cut out the main head and smaller side shoots will grow. Glad to see your posts again Been grooming my ShihTzus with your instructions,they look better each time,Thanks! Sylvia

cconz said...

My yard looks terrible too. I just hope this isn't a trend.The squirrel friend is so cute. I love them even though they are a big nuisance sometimes. I'll see you on sunday.

Linda said...

Oh No that spraying would freak me out!!! Love the pics of the girls!!! It is adorable!! LOL free range means the girls rule the area!! LOL Love the squirrel too...Hopefully next year will be better for your garden...Maybe your neighbor will move...:(


sassytrash said...

That is the cutest picture of the girls!!! (My son got his hen house built and first eggs should come in a few months)

I hate that you have to endure that heinous spraying!!

Hey, aren't we glad we aren't in FL at the moment? Hope they dodge this bullet.

Bodhi Gray said...

I have a wee bit of a crush on your blog. Just thought I should let you know. Thank you for brightening my days!

Bohemian said...

Your mutant Garden made me Smile... I've had some weird Harvests as well... but that's mostly due to my total ignorance about Agricultural Crops! *LOL* My Herbs at least flourished this year, I'm still getting great amounts of Fresh Sweet Basil and Mints, they never died off this year even though we had a couple of weeks of 116-120 degree record breaking heat. Your Squirrel Friend is adorable... my Gophers, not so much and certainly not Friends, the little buggers ate most of my crop this Season and the Bohemian Cat Boys got fat, lazy and sassy so weren't the "Working Cats" they were spozed to be... and the new Cat, Yul, well, guess Siamese think they're too Noble and Royal to 'Work'? *Smiles* We used to see a lot of Crop Dusting 'til all the subdivisions sprung up around the Agricultural areas and now I suppose they're no longer allowed due to the chemical risks to people? *Whew*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Dortesjs said...

ohh i feel for you hate worms we have huge problem in denmark also . my garden has been lots of my veg. are gone

marilyn said...

It makes me very sad that you have to deal with this aerial spraying of poison on your garden. Yet you still manage to stay upbeat...with the help of your girls and a nut eating squirrel. Admirable!