Sunday, June 30, 2013

I heart trees...n grass...

 The lavender is in full bloom, as well as the
buffalo grass, I heart prairie grass...
and clothes on the line...

 I mow very little of my yard these days...
I love to watch the progression of prairie forbes
and perennials stroll through new pockets
of overgrown I live in
the country, back in the day...I want to hide
away from the world, my green cocoon.
Yet around the house, it is mowed
and trimmed to perfection,
the chocolate at the center of my tootsie pop,
but my perennial gardens sport many
wild prairie plants that just appear...
I love that!

 The brome grass, bluegrass and others, make
for happy hunting grounds for Scratchy
chasing voles and stuff...
also another cedar tree row is added,
can never have too many tree rows...

 I have a row of redbuds forming
an arch over the path at the front porch...
Virginia Creeper aloft, I dare to allow it
to hide me away, havens for insects and
fodder for the bees, every year I plant
more and more...of the wild things
that move with the wind...

 The wild honeysuckle have really taken off
providing much loved privacy out in the front
and the berries provide food for
the winter birds...sanctuary...

 My forest of cedar trees and scrub
Chinese elm fill my 6 acres with bird song
and small game for the sky and ground
predators that wander the night...
I love it out there, it's my cathedral,
it's where I pray to the four winds
of the Mother...Gaia...

 I heart the tall grasses and the
silver birch that would take over
if I let it...I may let it...
I'm Laughing Out Loud...

 I once had a path between my flower beds
and my veggie garden, but this year
the black-eyed Susan have decided to
reappear...and I can't bare to pull a single one
and in the sandy soil, you just don't
move plants, it's too hot and dry.

And last but not least, the long awaited
queen of my prairie...the milkweed...
I adore this plant, I can smell the blooms all
over my property, they are like a powdery
jasmine, sweet and alluring and are a
fave of many bugs n butterflies...
my yard certainly isn't for everyone,
but it is paradise for me n Scratchy,
the tree lover and the beast!


misselaineous said...

thank you for sharing your slice of heaven..first blog i read this morning, and i shall read no more. you gave me exactly what i needed to start my day...thanks sharon

Gayle said...

Your place is perfect. Love it.

Anonymous said...


donna baker said...

Beautiful Sharon. My husband is a mowing maniac: at least this year, I kept him from mowing down the wildflowers before they went to seed. Gardeners and non-gardeners can't live together and yet, we've been together 41 years. It looks like Eden there.

Karen Larko said...

Love your place! My husband cuts our entire 20 acres here and I would prefer it to be more like yours. I can totally relate to your lifestyle.