Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What I do on a day off...

 Whilst playing on Pinterest one day,
I found an armadillo table lamp...
Can you say SMITTEN...!!!

 Well, I had a lady come into the shop one day
and ask if I would like to have an elk leg lamp...
I tried to stay composed and hide my ecstatic state,
sure I said, I'll take it off yer hands...SQUEEEE...
It was a gag gift from a friend, that she anxiously
wanted to see it's extrication from her home...lol

Well...I just happened to have an armadillo basket
and a piece of vintage trim...so I drilled a hole
in the top, added a finial and light bulb...TAH DAH...!!!
You love it right...lol...!!!


Bohemian said...

I J'Adore it of coarse! I'm sure your Heart was beating faster than a Hummingbirds as you took it off her hands, right? *winks* I'm so Thankful that most of my Friends, when they see anything completely Odd, instantly think of me so I've been Gifted with many a wondrous monstrosity in the eyes of the masses. *smiles* Blessings from the Arizona Desert...Dawn... The Bohemian

racheld said...

I do believe that the words, "I just happened to have an armadillo basket," are perhaps the most hilariously odd, interestingly applied, and strangely appealing image which I've ever encountered on the Internet.

I'm in love with all the blowsy, beribboned, too-big-for-their stitches old lampshades of the bordello persuasion---wouldn't Mrs. Dr. Meade have had a conniption at seeing THIS one! The old poufs of satin and lace and great swoops of lush fabric, like luxuriant hoop-skirts stop the lamp-stands are simply charming to me, and I've been on the lookout for a pink one for quite some time. I asked for one for my birthday last August, but said, "Let ME find it and choose it." and am still looking for JUST the perfect one.

I DO hope you're still blogging---I'm off to check the rest of your web addresses to see if I can find some later than this---and I DID drop into Candle Shed Effect for a bit (sent a text to DD to look in---it's quite an interesting site).

Lil Pink Houses are absolutely on my top list of LOVES in this world, and I just last year got my PINK KITCHEN, which I'd dreamt of since I was six, and spent one deep midnight painting the walls of my dollhouse kitchen with my Mother's bottle of Cutex Pink.

Looking forward to more visits!