Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drought in the bread basket...

 In times of drought you learn lessons,
what will grow and what requires
too much water...

 When you have times of severe sun activity,
it's hotter and dryer than normal.
We don't know how long this cycle will last,
but next growing season I will do things
a little differently, I will spend my winter,
which will again, probably be warmer
and find more drought solutions.

 Having to water every day just to keep
the wilt from stunting the crops is an
exercise in poor beets, the
second crop is suffering!

 Dry, yet my beloved cedars still survive...

 as do my second crop of green beans,
but the tomatoes still lag behind,
though I've actually eaten two, I'm testing several
 heirlooms 'longside the old stand byes...
a study in survival, as our governments
wreak havoc on our weather...

 This is first crop broccoli, I planted twelve
plants, I've eaten two, this is what two more look
like, I should've had all in the freezer by now...

 I finally got the chickenwire up for the
birdhouse gourds to climb on, but they
are very stunted and have to be watered every
other day as you can see,
the hosta are burned by the scorching
heat of a sun in cycle...

 I hide myself away behind shutters
to keep it's heat at bay, I haven't slept upstairs
for weeks...too hot up there with no vents
in this lil' ol' shack, I have NEVER run my air
 as much as this year, but I now know it's a
cycle of ol' Sol, so we wait inside and
hope for another warm winter,
while we prepare for next years season.


Venus Blues Hideaway said...

You have a wonderful pink house and garden. I love it. I too, am suffering from the drought. I live in Louisiana and the past two years have been awful. We lost 50 tress last year from the drought, this year is a little better than last, but I still have to water almost every day--it is so time consuming and no matter how much you water--it just doesn't seem to be enough. You just can't water like a good rain can. I am going to become a follower so that I can pop in often--love your blog and your philosophy. Maybe you can do the same with me and we could get to know each other.

Hope you make it through the drought okay--

xoxo Faye

donna baker said...

It is unbelievably hot here too. Everything in my garden has wilted. New blueberry plants are about toast. I'm so bummed about that. I water something daily but it is just too hot. Grasshoppers, bastards, are eating happily though. I had good luck with heirloom Mortgage Lifter tomatoes and Cherokee purple. They are dying now though. Squash has done wonderfully as did the cukes. Guess the moon was right for them.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

While your garden is suffering through the drought, mine is suffering from frost. Most of my winter flowers have turned brown, and the leaves on some of my shrubs have died from frost burn

Susie said...

Sharon, It's hotter than I can ever remember...even though we had draught in 88, this year has had more 3 digit days and 90's . I am ready for cooler temps. we did have two days with some rain. That has helped. I hate using the a.c. , I perfer open windows with breezes:):) Smiles, Susie

Brenda said...

I've been so busy the past few months that I haven't visited my favorite blogs in ages. And it's my loss! Love the photos of your lovely, unique home. They remind me of visits to my two grandmothers' homes when I was a child. Beautiful!

Lottie said...

Sharon, I was so inspired by this post that it took me a week to respond. First, I am so sorry about the drought. I watch the news and see how your part of the country is affected. But I love the pictures of the zinnias in your garden! And I especially love the door/gate to your garden! Left and impression on me all week. Hope you have a great weekend!