Thursday, July 5, 2012

One day at a time...

 I sit on my sweltering back porch
gazing at my lil' six acre paradise,
a dream that I have accomplished on my own,
carving an existence without the help
of a man in my life...
many have said they would be too lonely,
well, that depends on how needy
one is, how much one wants or NEEDS...
I have found that I don't need that much!
Living with a philandering alcoholic 
for 20 years, makes one quite independent.

 I don't can quarts anymore,
that would be a waste of food and
space...mmmmm...pickled beets...

 Through a difficult spring of crazy
weather trends, finally my beans are
 flourishing, I don't believe in the lies
of global warming anymore, knowing
 now that we are being tricked into the grand
scheme only to be forced into paying
 a carbon tax...thank you very much Al Gore!!!

 My turnips are huge, bigger than any I've
 ever grown, though now, I'm forced to
vigorously wash all my veggies with peroxide,
to get off GPC(grain processing) residue, jet fuel
and contrail toxins and a smattering of
nuclear fallout from Fukushima and
the rest of the energy companies that lie
about their leaking reactors and illegally
dumped waste...and for my Facebook friends
that think I'm crazy for bashing the Obamacare,
hey, I voted for the man, I wanted to believe,
but I now know what it means, it's a tax!
And don't tell me that you'll be paying for
ME if I don't pay, no, I'll still be paying
for you that needs to go to a doctor every time
 you fart...if I had the freedom to go to a
homeopathic doctor, you might have me
on board, but I want my freedom to choose,
are you crazy, let them choose!
I don't do vaccinations, I don't do antibiotics,
I don't buy any of the run for the cure scams,
I understand cancer, I'm not afraid of it,
I've seen it up close and personal,
but I am afraid of my government.
45% of Americans are waking up now,
they are opening their eyes to the tyranny,
they are arming themselves for the
revolution that will soon be upon us,
we have seen the signs...

I wanted to believe in change, I wanted
to have hope, but we're a long way from it.
Talking to like mind people is all I need,
people that work together selflessly,
it isn't about me, me, me, it's about us...
you don't get lonely when you have US
(and a good dog)
I want this freedom for the world,
not just us big fat Americans.
I hate being hated by the rest of the world,
I hate that our government bullies
EVERYONE,  lies, lies, lies,
you don't know what to believe anymore,
but I believe in me and our
and that change is coming!
And don't tell me 'if you don't like it here,
move'...kiss my ass!
I love my country and will fight for it's
freedom from tyranny, here and abroad...
we are all brothers and sisters!
what if there were 3 sexes instead of 2...


sweetvintageofmine said...

I couldn't agree with you more....don't know if you believe in prayer but our country needs it! From one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie

Gayle said...

I love your litle slice of Heaven,
I am always amazed at all you manage to do on your own, and you have every right to be proud!! Sometimes when i am working around here and I think "oh, I need help with that", I think ....."what would Sharon do?????"hahahahah,

I also love that you are speaking your mind about issues that are important to you. Not everyone has to agree but if we could all just respect and consider the possible merit of others opinions it couldn't help but make things a lot better. Keep on keeping on my beautiful friend!!

I wondered if you have tried to make your own vegetable washing soap like they have in the health food stores??

A Wild Thing said...

Hope I don't offend anyone, but sometimes you just gotta rant...

donna baker said...

Sharon, I am so impressed by all you do. I have to have my husband help me in the garden now as I can't get up and down with my knees. It is so hot around here the garden is drying up and dying, but I did freeze and can more than I have in years. I love your rants; now what would you think if you were a loner like me who likes animals more than people?

time worn interiors said...

I am so happy that I am considered in that small group of US! Love you girl! You every right in the world to speak you mind, this is your blog!

It's Just Dottie said...

I feel the same way as you!!!

Lottie said...

You go girl!!! Really, Sharon, I so admire your strength and conviction!

Bohemian said...

Well, we're unanimous on more than just Styling then... I truly Believe that the reason Alternative Medicine isn't covered is that it would promote Wellness instead of the big biz of keeping folks sick and dependant. So I pay 100% of my costs to see my Eastern Medical Docs and I stay Well and Centered... which sure beats the alternative that Western Medicine {which MIGHT be covered if you can even afford Health Care} provides. Count me in for the Revolution... The Man Served Honorably for 39 years and is a highly decorated War Hero and the Real Deal, it grieves him to see all that he & others sacrificed for being turned upside down and sideways... and the Benefits he was Promised in his Contract being taken away even after he fulfilled his end of the Agreement... it's a disgrace! Wow, thanks for the Rant, now I feel so much better! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

If only people would get more informed about BO and his ilk. Our freedoms are being snatched away. Seems like he would have everyone either employed by the government or on welfare. He wants us to be his slaves. But I know the One who is in control and will be the victor. Selah

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Girl--That's it! I have to move up there and find you--I just know that we would be best friends!! I know that this is the third post that I have made on your blog in one day but you have hit the nail on the head with this one!! I only hope that it's not to late and other people see what a mess we are in and vote his ass out!!! Don't worry, I'm not a stalker or anything but you think so much like I do I just had to write you (again) and say "kudos" for speakin' your mind and not worrying about being "politically correct"

Chat with you again soon.