Monday, October 16, 2017


 Well, I thought I'd better update y'all
on the hurricane damage...I ain't skeered...

Well, this is my mum's place, as you can see
she lost her roof, but the inside was OK,
till we had more rains, then she sprang leaks
on the West side of the ceiling...but good news,
she has her new roof and tomorrow they start on
the drywall inside, then in a few weeks the contractor
will come back and do the carport. It's important
to get people's roofs on before a carport. Our
contractor is booked until February...
we were lucky...

 My hurricane preparedness kit...
since I knew we would be without power
and the refrigerator would be off, lots of fruit
was on my agenda...

 Then, the power went out...
I truly know the meaning of hurricane lamps...
actually, we were without power for eleven days, sucked...however, I was lucky,
 I still had water...but, with so much rain,
the drain field was saturated...I truly know
the meaning of the term,
'thunder bucket' was like camping...
right...but as it turned out,
my awesome neighbors had a generator
they weren't using, so I was saved, at least I
could run a fan, keep the frig cold and have a light...
 But my home had no damage, luckily...
however, my yard was a mess, but no trees down
just denuded, the moss and branches were
churned into mulch which I am still not
finished raking. But my banana tree went down
because of the weight of the bananas,
it didn't recover and the top was blown
out of my mango tree, but it's recovering and
my papaya trees were stripped of leaves,
but are recovering...all in all,
I was lucky...!

 It was a mess, but doable...I now own a
chain saw and a

 The water in the lake was up a foot,
covering my two decks and gillions of pine cones
and branches litter the ground, but all is now
back in order...

 The ditches were flooded by the road
for two weeks, but, beauty is fleeting
in the aftermath...
my neighbors across the street...that carport
was in the back of their yard...they like it's
new location, win...

All in all, we're alive, we survived
another hurricane, it's added to the annals,
just another day in paradise!!!

Thanks for your concerns guys!


donna baker said...

Sharon, I'd say you made out like a bandit, considering the Keys and farther south. You've got time to clean up all the rubbish and yes, it is horrible without electricity. Glad you didn't turn and hi-tail it back to Iowa. Glad to hear about how you fared friend.

Bohemian said...

I'm so glad you weathered the storm so well and I just Love that last pix, Hope you're creating more of them, I think they will be a big hit!

Susie said...

Sharon, I have thought about you since the storm. My g.daughter did okay too. I am so glad you are a tough old girl and can learn later in your life how to use a chain saw. LOL. You go girl !! Next you will be carving trees with it. I can tell you , I am tough...but I just don't want to be a pioneer . I love having power and indoor plumbing. I guess you have enough to keep yourself busy, so you won't be getting into trouble. Blessings to you, miss you, xoxo, Susie

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