Thursday, February 9, 2012

My work is never done...

 Ok...I been playing again right...when you're in the biz,
you're always moving stuff from one location to the other,
like display pieces...and if you don't have room in the store,
you drag them home, but not being able to afford the book shelves
I really want, I just paint these cheapies black, remove the back
so I can see the wallpaper behind...then fill...easy peasy,
plus I added an old piece of trim at the top...ready to fill!

 Again, I'm just starting to fill this one, I stuck it behind my couch
and have yet had the time to get back to it and play...

Speaking of playing, yummy valentine soap heading to Sisters'
the wonderful scent of Honeysuckle...bunches of pink
scented soap will be part of my new vignettes.

And meanwhile, home on the range...Louis guards his girls from up above...
he loves perching high to get that panoramic view...
a day in the life for a wild thing...!


outjunking said...

Those soap look so delicate did you make them? They are very eleagant looking.

Tilda said...

hey, wild thing, what's with the new thing supposed to happen on 3/1 where we "humans" will no longer be able to leave comments on our favorite blogs? with the google account? already it will not let me on some blogs because i have to PROVE i am human. what?
you know anything about this?? in simple terms? or simplier yet?

Vintage Green said...

love it!! That paper wasps nest wants to live at my house!!

Steph said...

Love your bookshelves...need to get some new ones soon when the drawer cabinets move to the tiny studio-to-be... Hope it's warmer where you are than here... BIG BIG HUGS to YOU, Sharon! :)