Sunday, February 5, 2012 last!!!!!

 Wonderful old frame huh, but as much as I love
the decrepitude of it, they won't sell as is...
soooo...I take the pic outta the frame and paint 
the frame white and sell the canvas separate.

 These prints are on canvas, giving them an original
oil painting look, but out of the frame, the prints still
look really cool in a vignette because of their old patina,
I never pass them up, even in this state of disrepair.

 Love the brown frame, it's been stripped, great patina,
 as well as the oval frame, however, I will touch up the 
chipped area because it's gouged way too deep.

 The large metal frame spoke to me as well,
even as crumbled as it is, it still has appeal...
as does the small gilded frame.

 And the project of the day...the swamp...
I'm going to clean and rearrange my computer table,
I'm getting a new laptop, so the tower must go!
As Craigsmith 'Timeworn Interiors' commented...
my coal-fired, steam engined computer has to go,
I fondly refer to it as mouse-powered...!
Some days it takes literally 45 minutes to download stuff,
like my blog posts...ARGH!!!

My lil' 'catch-all table will get a redo as well,
this is where I put together jewelry pieces or
while Scratch sits at her post waiting to bark at 
anything, but that's OK, cause she always let's me know when
the UPS truck is here, she HATES brown truck!
So yes Craigsmith, a Sony Vaio is on it's way...
Good Lord, what will I do with all that spare time???


Ashes and Crimson Roses said...

I love your lil computer room..and that "nut" sign, is great! :) Yey! your getting a laptop!!!!! :) so much faster!
love ya lots girl!
sarah saguilan

outjunking said...

You have the coolest stuff. It just kinda meshes together the way you do it.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

You are going to have so much fun when your laptop arrives...

Love your frames, and hope you are keeping warm.

time worn interiors said...

I can't wait to see your new computer! Nobody deserves it more than you girl!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Hi, your blogs are really interesting, I`m tagging along for the ride! Have a great day, Pam

hollyhock antiques said...

i changed my background it helps ! i had surgery i had a hernia lifting rocks and moving junk around i am not super man i thought i was now i am stuck in the house it sucks ! i made a pink kitchen blog . cool frames i look in often love to see what your up to i am not good at getting back to people

sassytrash said...

I never met an old frame I didn't love!! How exciting to be gettin' a new computer! Your work table looks neat compared to mine!!