Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is it green with envy...or white...?

The previous owner left these half buried under a spreading cedar tree
in the back yard. Boy are these HEAVY - cast iron probably (magnetic),
and my guess is they weigh at least 50 pounds each. I'm going to
clean off the slap-dash paint job and try a real rust neutralizer
primer then (perhaps) a dark bronze paint. Wondering where I'm going
to put them - and what to grow. (Grinning). This is a bit of a 'junk'
switch for me - I'm more into electronic stuff - but these were crying
out for rescue. Where ever they originally came from they must have
cost a fortune. They are too 'neat' to leave lying half buried.

Any ideas from a pro?

ATB! Rusty

OK ladies...I got this message from my
Canadian friend Rusty yesterday and he was wondering,
what ta do, what ta do...
Can you believe what a find,
everyone dreams of finding buried treasure,
but Rusty found the mother lode!!!
OK girls, what do you think he should do with them,
now remember, he's a guy and isn't really up
on this stuff, so be gentle with him...

I would personally drool all over this finish,
but would probably suggest he put some sort of clear sealer
to retain the finish and leave as is,
however, it is what it is, not everyone
is in our frame of mind and any of the finishes,
bronze, white or black will do...
so have fun Rusty...and go check out his blog, he has
the most amazing wildlife portraits from his
OK Rusty, can you see my many shades of green envy?!!! it a coincidence that we call him Rusty...
just sayin'...ha!


Jeanine Burkhardt said...

AmaZinG Urns!!! ~ "Don't TOUCH THEM"!*!*!
Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

Sylvia Cross said...

I second that,"Don't change a thing"Awesome find!

donna baker said...

Too beautiful for words. If I lived in Paris they would be black or gold-leafed.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love them , don't touch them they are just gorgeous as they are.

Tilda said...

I third the previous two posts. DO NOT alter them. Value wise, they are best left as is. Look wise, they are amazing as is. What a find indeed.
in fond regard, Tilda

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Love the rooster 'tails'/tales best of all.

Mission Bells in Shadow

Have a great week.

Rusty said...

Point made, and taken. They will be lft as is. Perhaps a little modification on the inside bottom which is where most of the rust is. Now the question is - what to put in them? A tall evergreen of some sort would be ideal - but for practical reasons - and winter, not the best idea. I was also thinking of Amaryllis - but again winter is the problem. Perhaps some annual flower would be better. Any ideas? They are not in a formal setting at all. Just a back garden for now. ATB!

Sylvia Cross said...

Ahem,here goes~gravel in bottom for drainage good Potting soil{ no peat or top soil} Petunia"Supertunia Cotton Candy" with white and purple Verbena~full sun Feed with liquid fetrilizer every other week.Just a thought!

Eccentricities said...

Hilarious! I'm a little slow today: I was reading your post and scratching my head, since when has my friend, Tart, been into electronics? What's with the bronze? Why in the world would she be refinishing these urns?? I had to laugh when I read all the way through and figured out what was really going on - I need another cup of coffee!!! So glad my reality is in tact!!!


Rusty said...

And I just discovered the inserts used in large hanging baskets are a perfect fit! This will solve the problem if I plant something that needs to be inside during the winter. It will also almost eliminate the rusting that was taking place inside the urns. The trouble is i'm still trying to decide where to place them, and what to plant. (Grinning) ATB!