Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phase one...and ol' man winter...

Let's say day one of junkin' was so successful,
we had to borrow Lories' trailer from the Junk Asylum
to haul it all home...

Oh yeah kids, she got some great stuff...!

Let me tell ya, the wheels were turnin' on these two
pickers, to strip or not to strip, you just can't second
guess the master minds at work.
Theresa and Craigsmith were both concocting their craft,
you could sense the wheels turning.
We walked into The Asylum and you hear Theresa
clear in the back yelling...
"Craigsmith come look at these chairs"...
it was great and so much fun!

Then, back to I was hoeing in the garden
this morning, I noticed frost damage on two of my
tomato all my years of gardening, this has
NEVER happened to my veggie garden!!!

...and it was only on my heirloom varieties.
This is something to ponder in the future or is
this years' weather just gonna be a booger???

But the cool crops are doing good, the red seedlings
in the back are the beets and a few leaves of the sno-peas,
but we need hot days and warmer nights for anything
to really start growing...GEESH!!!

As you can see, my spring plants are still not quite to peak
and my iris haven't even begun bloom...OK,
now I'm really ready for summer, bring on
the 90 degrees...K...!


summersundays-jw said...

I haven't even put my tomatoes in the ground yet. We've had so much rain that the garden isn't doing well -- a little lettuce. I'm thinkin' we're going to just go straight to summer. It's almost time for pools to open & it's cold. Bummer!!!! Guess I'd better go paint. Have a good one! Jan

Tilda said...

for the past 4 days i have had the woolies on. today i am in long underwear under the clothes. we haven't even BEGUN to think garden yet. this far north in Michigan you don't plant gardens until after Memorial Day, and then often wish you would have waited. i took the sheets to protect the perennials, off the flower garden, all 23 of them yesterday as we are not supposed to get frost again. Ya, right ! but Memorial Day is often cold and freezes. i'm with you. i need some warmth !!!!

~Sheri~ said...

just checkn to see what ur up to!
Chickens and the two dude~Roosters are really growing fast ;0)

Vintage Green said...

I am jealous of the horns on the front of that 'bigrig".....I have always wanted to do that!!!