Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh pretty baby...

A friend, Laura Schroeder of
Laura Schroeder Portrait Studio in Muscatine
has a great eye for settings for her craft,
she's done several photo sessions at the chateau
and I'm sure has set her sights for more,
as things start to blossom in my world...

I was taking pictures from my kitchen, as they
were attempting to get Lily to smile,
she didn't get many smile shots, but the ones
she did get were of a determined little missy!

As she straddles a bowl full of cherries
it begins to sprinkle, sooo...

They move to the front porch and a change
of costume...
so I'm in the other room grooming dogs
while they're on the front porch coaxing Lily,
talking crazy baby-talk that is driving my dogs wild,
they all thought Mom was there to pick them up
and Scratchy was just plain pissed that she
was missing something to bark at...GEESH!!!

Can't wait to see the finished portraits,
as a refection of an artist at work glows in my
window, I know Laura will be back...she
fell in love with my fainting couch, great props
perfect for her style!
Laura Schroeder Portrait Studio


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sharon, I just love your studio, but this is such a cute idea to use as a photo prop. Happy Weekend my friend, T

Oh BTW, my friend Rene is coming to see you, wish I were?

Rajlakshmi said...

beautiful collection of photos :D
enjoy the weekend