Monday, June 27, 2011

Stalking in the wild...

Stalking the wild asparagus was a favorite book of mine
back in the 60's, I literally scoured the ditches for
asparagus, elderberries, blackberries and even tried
the unusual like milkweed flowers and lambsquarter.
Much good food is to be found out there and has
been eaten for years by early inhabitants.
BTW, the lambsquarter omelet was delish last
night for dinner, long side the salad with purslane
and plantain leaves, once called the soldiers salad,
guess because it supplemented their diet in the field.

Lots of munchies out there if you don't go ewwwwww...
my flower gardens are just beginning to go awwwww...
I love vines on a house, as my Kentucky creeper
frosts my cake, it'll be bright red this fall.

Another couple of days and some sun and this side of
the house will be bursting with color!

Can't believe how huge the rhubarb got this year,
I'll be freezing more today for winter pies...yummm!

My sad lil' bunny ravaged bean patch...
not to worry, I finally found more seed, everyone
in town was out, but I found some at the Amish
co-op, so 3 more rows have been planted, but the
pole beans have emerged from the seed
from last year, so the straw mulch should help
keep the roots cool, if we ever get the summer
heat we desperately need.

Bush zucchini, a new one for me...I love
the fact that it won't be taking over my yard with
vines and HUGE zukes hidden under the leaves,
though the spaghetti squash will do a fine job of that!

What's this speck of orange in the tomato patch...
ahhhh, sweet summer fruits...!



I loved Mr. Gibbons also! I often took his book along as a field quide.
BTW, your garden is gorgeous.

Vintage Green said...

Your yard and garden are looking good girl!!

My Dad was a Euell G. kinda guy...
have you ever eaten stinging nettles?? WE did, can't say I was a fan. Word of caution here.....
know what you are doing if you ever attempt it!

Vintage Green said...

I meant to add that I loved the morels and other mushrooms my Dad would hunt and gather. He belonged to the mycological society and taught a mushroom identification class so there was always something "weird" for supper....

Susie said...

sharon, your garden is looking so good. what a hard worker you are. smiles,susie

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Nothing..absolutely nothing better than fresh, FRESH food! you done good, girl :-)