Saturday, April 21, 2012


 Can you say PINK...
I'm luvin' this cute lil' end table!

 I was over at Elizabeth Maxson's blog
the other day and was totally immersed in
what Elizabeth was saying/feeling.
A gridlock, yet not...
a metamorphosis in spirit...yes,
that's it, a coming home, sorta.
I've been painting furniture for 20 years
 now, have seen styles come and go,
colors come and go, but I think today's
 society has really grown up in thinking,
especially women and gay men...
there I said it...we are out of the closet
and are showing our strengths,
speaking out about what we love
and desire, not bullied into submission
by the masses(men)...
we can do whatever the hell we want!
Go to Elizabeth's blog and take
this pink piece and set it next to the
sofa on her header photo...
see, that's freedom

 Next, let's talk COYOTE UGLY...
I know, there's a bunch of you that
went EWWWWWW...
but there's that freedom thingy again!

This is my separation of church and state...
death is a natural course in life,
a beautiful creature once lived here,
a testament to millions of years
of evolution, there is nothing horrid about it,
it is beautiful in complexity and worthy
of is my way of honoring Nature
and Evolution,
 some day this skull will go back to it's
beginnings as star dust, millions of years
will fly by, and hopefully we'll grow and
 learn to respect life and honor all things
in Nature and the Universe,
Earth Day is coming


Gayle said...

Your pink stand is great. I just saw a picture in the book Velvet and Linen of a desk that was painted white, and the inside slots, drawers, etc were pink. Sounds reality...
it was stunning. I checked out Elizabeths' blog post, she always has a way of saying it like it is doesn't she. And her photography...awesome!

time worn interiors said...

I love that little pink end table! Great color!

Susie said...

Hi Sharon, Love your cute pink stand. I have been wondering what you've been up to. Hope your garden is doing nicely. Smiles, to you pal, xo, Susie

Mya.L said...

Here's a not-so-ugly coyote:

house things said...

Right on Sister. Isn't Elizabeth the best. I love the pink end table and the (EWWWWW) skull.

Steph said...

Love the pink stand but to be honest... I LOVE the coyote skull more...