Sunday, April 8, 2012

My next dog...

 The Australian Cattle Dog...
known for their intelligence
and healing(wrangling cattle and sheep).

The puppies are adorable...
and full of IT...!
Medium size dogs and yes,
they do shed...

 They come in blue and red...

This my old dog Squiggy...
a bought her for $50.00 out of a shopping
cart in front of Safeway when I lived
in Colorado, everyone has them out there!
She was a beautiful girl and lived to be 13.
When your current dog starts to reach ''that age",
you start thinking those thoughts...
long and hard.
I'm a dog person,
a canine whisperer,
they are my life companions,
I will never be without,
my soul and my spirit
would never be whole!


nana_ang_poppaphil said... the Blue Heelers my in-laws had one and he was just the best.

Mind you in my eyes all dogs are pretty special, it's just some of their owners who are crazy.

Anonymous said...

I have a blue heeler....a rescue from an amish family who planned to destroy him because he would not herd cattle! Poor thing thinks he is a Lab!!!!!! Very friendly....loves all people and other dogs too. Best thing is he came with the name Max.....also my ex husbands name!!!

figgy said...

I just came across your blog - love, love, love it!

I too have a Blue Heeler. He is my constant companion. So clever, loyal and the best character I've ever known.

I love dogs. My life would be empty without at least one 'best friend' in it.

Now I'm off to read your older posts and drool over beautiful boho images :)

Missy said...

We have one. She is part of our family. She lives and puts up with our cats. Of course we reward her by bringing her to our ranch. Her fun is tormenting the cows. They are wonderful and smart. They are loyal and playful. My husband has like her breed so much that he said when she parts from us, he would would want another one.