Sunday, April 1, 2012

Perfect weather...tah dah...

 Last year I decided to enlarge my garden,
so I bought a small electric tiller

 Especially since my soil is sandy loam,
it's like a hot knife through butter...
now I'll start setting the fenced posts
for the new fence. I'm only doing a 36 inch
chickenwire fence, just enough to keep the
 bunnies and the chickens out.

This lil' section will be for lettuces and herbs,
strawberry patch in the middle.
Tomorrow the beets and turnip seeds
 get planted and the lettuce.
Then I'll do another patch to start the
 asparagus roots that I'm robbing from
the ditches.
Glad to get it all started even though the
 1st of April kinda freaks me out...
fun, fun, fun...


Gayle said...

I envy you your big garden space and your nice weather. Since I have raised beds I was able to plant some cold weather things,lettuce, kale, etc. peas are 2 feet tall!!!
(It is April 1st, right??)

Carolyn Renee said...

I wish a 3' fence would keep my chickens out of the berry garden. There are a few of them that flap their way over the 4' fence we have and have a field day in there. One day I'll get around to clipping those bugger's wings.

I envy your soil. It's a joke to get a tiller around need a backhoe to get around all the rocks.