Friday, November 26, 2010

First light...

I'm in love with the term,
Victorian Tribal Salvage...not savage, but salvage...
I'm also in love with windows...

For me, the window and the light it reflects into a room,
totally reflects where I place my furniture
and the first light of the morning
sets my mood for the day.

When TOT and Craigsmith were here, I was telling Theresa
that I just couldn't make this piece work in my living room,
but now that I've moved it next to the stairway
I love it, it reflects the light from the window in the first picture
and blends with the old grey paint of the parlor table
and lace curtain...well DUH!!!
And the dark objects inside the cupboard reflect Victorian
and tribal...taxidermy!

and more salvaged treasures near my Navaho rug
given by a dear friend from Colorado,
a' Two Grey Hills', if anyone knows their Indian rug makers...

I also pulled out of storage my beloved spool cabinet...
because it displays my maiden name...
and PARIS...

Who knew...
but what a perfect piece to set my grooming schedule book,
so very Victorian
and ME!!!


time-worn interiors said...

I'm loving the changes! I can't wait to start working on my house! Somebody needs to kick my ass to get me started! Hope you had a great day yesterday!

Tilda said...

..un-un, no. you can say tribal salVage all you want to, but in my heart i know it is tribal savage!! ..the way i misread it the first time.
AND you have me, with your thoughts on the sunshine, light and shadows. i know you hear constantly and see in the photographs of the farmhouse, my infatuation with light. i am mesmerized, controlled, fetish-ed, inamorouded (is that a word? well, let's just make it a word), and completely bonkers for light and the shadows it it brings the morning into perspective for me and my heart surely smiles.
No sun today. SNOW and wind. Probably what you had 2 days ago... You COULD let me know it's coming, you know!
I love YOUR light, tribal savage. You can deny it all you want, but my eyes see right thru you!
BIG toothy smile and deep laugh...
(my word verification is that)
in my very fondest of regard & thought, Tilda

sassytrash said...

What a beautiful room! Surrounded by all those exquisite treasures would definitely take the edge off of the Winter weather outside!

I swear I thought about you all the way to FL and back, girl! It felt like I had left something behind while I was tripping around your old haunts! Next year, right???

cconz said...

Love that gorgous wall paper. Your place is so.... TRIBAL SALVAGE. PERFECT! God i love that spool cabinet. great piece.

Greyscale Territory said...

All the delightful treasures in your world! The ambience sings round every piece!

Spadoman said...

Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your life. You certainly have a great touch with all that old stuff. I'm relegated to the basement and a 20' X 20' space for LR, BR and Kitchen. Hard to decorate. I was on a trip recently and we like to stop at second hand p[laces and thrift stores. I felt sad as I saw stuff I'd like to see hanging around my own home, but then felt discouraged that I have no room to put anything. Yopur place is so warm. I'd love to have tea there at the pink chalais. I'd just sit and look at stuff. Are you related to the Munsters, (There house is a museum...Lalala). Just looks fabulous.
Hope all is good with you.


Arija said...

I prefer to live with antiques too since I myself am classed as a genuine one too.
Light certainly is THE most important feature in decor or anything.

Love your silk cabinet.

Paula Scott said...

I love windows too-and doors and gates. Or, anything that fits the description of a portal. But, yes, windows are always a portal of light, aren't they?