Monday, December 6, 2010

My most favoritest thing to do...

on a sunny Sunday, when it's too cold to leave the house,
is rearrange the furniture...I'm a creature of change
never wanting it the same for too long...
it gets stale and needs a revamp!

When I was up at Sisters' the other day,
Barb had this piece she wanted me to paint for her...
uh oh...
I fell in love!
(doesn't take much for me)
Notice Barbs' cats' tracks all over the front...LOL!
I knew I needed this piece and I had the perfect spot for it...
I want to start doing watercolors again, since Winter is here
and nothing else can be done, I needed a place to store all of my
supplies, paper, pens, paints and all the magazines I save
for inspiration...right!!!

The cupboard was mostly stripped, 'cept for the crown
on two sides...
we all know how much I love this look for my furniture...
sorta tribal huh, definitely salvage!!!

This is what sold me, vintage wallpaper on the inside,
it gets me every time!
Sweet, huh!

I had these great old glass knobs that I've been saving forever
for a special piece and this was the piece...agree...!
Perfect...on the dark unfinished crown, rather than
stripping it too, I mixed paints to match the wood
and painted the crown, I have one more layer to paint on,
I had to wait for it to dry to check the match, still a little dark
I'll paint on another wash to lighten somewhat
and the piece is ready to fill.
This was the perfect piece for this space and
for this purpose...I got rid of four smaller pieces in the process,
so purge is the word!
and play...heehee!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Once again I am totally blown away by your creativity, and your eye for great pieces of furniture.

time worn interiors said...

WHAT 4 pieces did you get rid of??? That's what I love about you, you change things around all the time!

House Things said...

You little ??? Another piece of unfinished furniture, you know how much I love it. I'm jealous.
Stay warm.

M.Kate said...

we have one thing in similar then...the re-arranging of the house. I do it often, it makes living spaces more exciting ;)

Gracie's Cottage said...

Can't wait to see how you fill it.
Loved your comment about the wallpaper on the inside - I'm a sucker for that too!



very, very cool. I would love to have that item in my home. Thanks for sharing. HUGS MARY

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh she's beautiful! You are one lucky gal..not to mention talented, thoughtful, pretty..and on and on :-)

So...will you send it to Utah now?? LOL

Sweet Sage said...

yup .. it's the wallpaper.
every time *.*
LoVe loVe LOVE it all .. change is good.
can you come rearrange mine now?!?
my best~

Golden West said...

Nice job on the crown - matches super well!

Jackie said...

Hey, we have the same music (well, mine is instrumental) on our blogs...
hope all is well.
bliss farm antiques

Greyscale Territory said...

The cupboard looks wonderful! You have given it the zing of new life!

Jeanette said...

Beautiful piece of furniture.