Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...Hermitage...

a storehouse of memories
treasured away
provisions of the past
squirreled away
'till the time of harvest
a day when
old age plummets my mind
into solitude
no longer gathering youthful
spurts of ambition
in seclusion
I go to that deserted place
and play the game of solitaire
I am the one that flies alone
married to my memories
and the vessel
that rests in my harbor
of hermitage


Well, for now my sails are set for Australia and my
friends down under...
Hey Harriet and crew,
we are quite the bunch of sailors aye...!


sarayutouched said...

first of all...great new look!!!! the flowers are beautiful to me, even in the frozen tundra. a treasure chest filled with a lifetime of memories...priceless.

i missed you for coffee this week kindred stop by...woolies are a must today tho.

hope to see you soon!!!

Dianne said...

the layout is lovely
and those shadows are so poignant

Sylvia K said...

I do agree with the others, I love your new look! It's terrific, Sharon! Beautiful shadows and words to start my day! Hope you have a great weekend!


Paula Scott said...

Gorgeous! Love the new banner, etc.! I love the stash you have at your place. Wonderful old treasures-so much more to them than the new shiny things of today.
Funny, too, that even though I have a husband and son, much of my time feels a lot like you just described here...

EG Wow said...

After reading your words, I wonder if most humans feel alone...even when surrounded by people.

You have a treasure trove of objects that create fabulous shadows.

Ralph said...

I am unsure what is encased below - the shape says that it is an old tube radio in a crate. Or not. Our imaginations get an enjoyable workout on a sight such as this. The web of shadows makes the entire scene majestic, classic in all ways...

Gallery Juana said...

Your photo reminds me of chocolate for some reason:)
And Scratchy looks so adorable in his Santa hat!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

cool poem. we all have that experience.

Martha Z said...

The treasure chest gives way to the computer, where memories in photographs are kept. Scanned are the shots of youth while the wonders of the digital camera capture the new, hastily gathered now as the days rush by at dizzying speed.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Aye! "married to memories!" Love it! Also loving your new template :) Wishing you a wonderful Christmas....and sunshine as well!
Karla & Karrie

Anonymous said...

Love your layout and the birdhouse!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweet Repose : )aka Sharon ? LOL
I am always amazed with your beautiful antiques and wonderful shadow shots.
Your blog looks just simply gorgeous!
There is something about a treasure chest .. such mystery and promise .. all of what you have said is perfect!
Joy : )

Greyscale Territory said...

O I love the ambience of your blog! Just so beautiful!

And love your little treasure chest! It looks very special in that soft fall of light and shadow!

Our summer days are peeking a little, but wintry rain-filled winds still like to dominate! Such strange weather! I have socks and jumper on right now while I watch skies struggling to clear!

Christmas is so near! In the next couple of days, my son should be arriving from Sydney! I have to ring him to find out just what day he will appear! Often he just "drops in"! But I don't really mind! I'm just glad to see him!

OOOO and meant to say I adore that photo of Scratchy in the little Chrissy cap! Utterly adorable!

Have a wonderful week dearest sister! Super super hugs!

Miss Becky said...

well this is my first visit, coming through on a SSS tour, so I'm not familiar with the previous layout. this one is lovely, as is the shadow shot. and the words too!

Cassie said...

Love that old captain's chest! It makes a neat backdrop for wintery ShadowShots. Blessings!

Hey Harriet said...

Now that's a charming looking old treasure chest! That would look awesome in my living room! I hope you have a most lovely Christmas Sharon. And be sure to keep a careful eye on Scratchy. Scratchy is eyeing off the egg nogg. And if you're missing a few rum balls, the first place I'd check is under Scratchy's santa hat :D

LauraX said...

Such beautiful words and imagery. Thank you for this.

dulcy said...

Gorgeous shot! Also, love the new look of your blog Sharon...

Anonymous said...

My apologies for commenting so late! The trunk has amazing details. When I see something like this, I want to gingerly open the cover and carefully appreciate the contents. Excellent shadows.