Saturday, December 24, 2011

A white Christmas???

 At least in Iowa anyway...

 The sun is shining on Christmas Eve at
The grass is still somewhat green, 

 though fields are barren and await
a long winter's sleep...

 Winter's shadows are long, yet beautiful
and full of promise...

 while it's cozy inside with holiday delights...

Merry Christmas to all around this beautiful globe,
may we pray for peace and good will!


Susie said...

Merry Christmas Sharon, I wish you good health and great happiness in the coming new year. My wish for no snow, is holding right now :):) xoxo,Susie

Tilda said...

like you, our ground was bare yesterday. same fields, same grass. no sunshine. but overnight snow while only perhaps an inch, has made our world white. how long? sunshine and warmer Monday will probably take it. my heart still smiles, and i am barefooted.
Merry Christmas Wild Thing.
in fond regard, Tilda

Lottie said...

Merry Christmas to you Sharon. Your photographs are beautiful!

Blessings from South Carolina,


Merry Christmas, love your blog. Hugs Mary

time worn interiors said...

Merry Christmas dear friend!
Love ya!

Gemma Wiseman said...

A beautiful sigh in this post! The mellow light and long shadows round the white features and the fields are magical!

Wish I could give you the biggest hug for Christmas! So glad we have "met" and travelled some time together!

Our Christmas is slowly growing into sunlight and shadows! After wild storms last night, the landscape is fresh and sparkling in the sunlight!

Not till two days ago did I change my Greyscale header to summer thumbnails! It just didn't feel like summer at all till then! But now the air is warming, summer seems to be close at last!

One more hug for you and a special one for Scratchy! Enjoy your Chrstmas dear friend!