Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holding my breath...

Taking some much needed time away from the blogs,
as you may have noticed, 
time to re-boot my style,
rethink n refresh this next year
in my blogs, my biz and my world...
relax...maybe, but in the meantime,
may we all look forward to peace and harmony
in the new year...
exhale into a brand new beginning!


sassytrash said...

Amen Sista.....just don't be gone too long! Happiest of New Year's....and can't wait to continue to be inspired by your creative self in 2012!

Tilda said...

i have missed you. i, too, am taking time in this winter season to rethink, re-assess, and am looking forward to 2012. 2011 was not kind and i am glad it will be done. but we learn from those months, hopefuly, and grow. like the fresh white snow that came late yesterday to cover our dead brown grass (that i actually have LOVED), the snow cover gives us a fresh new look. i want a change. i want to re-boot too. and i will.
enjoy your quiet time. we all need that.
in fondest, Tilda

time worn interiors said...

Happy New Year dear friend! Hoping you get all the rest you need!
Love Ya
Sista Tot

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I'm with you. Reboot / refresh what a great way to start 2012.

Where too begin tho', I will have to have a big think about that.

Rest up and Happy New Year.

Gemma Wiseman said...

O dear Sharon ~ I am not surprised that you are walking away from blogging for awhile! You lead such a hectic lifestyle! Some pressure has to be eased somewhere!

Missing you in Shadow Shot Sunday, but I will continue to visit each Sunday as I have always done and try to check on you in between as well!
(Have to say it! This is such a softly beautiful, shadowy setting!)

Wishing you so much happiness and peace and "time for you" in 2012!

BIG BIG HUGS to you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Looking forward to what's new on your blog. You inspire me!!!

Eccentricities said...

Happy New Year, my fabulous, tarty friend.


The Feathered Nest said...

Wishing you a most wonderful new year sweet girl!!! It'll be as amazing as we make it, rest, recover and reboot....hugs and love, Dawn

house things said...

I'm on the same page as you, sister. Happy New Year!
Nancy :-)

cconz said...

Happy new year sweet girl, You need a break! You work to hard. Like i said before, I find it hard to keep up with 1 blog. Let's see what awaits us for this new year. The mayans told us "It's beginning of something new, not the end"

Vintage Green said...

I kinda like your style as it is........don't reboot toooooo
much!! Yup, it's the time to reflect and of my favorite times of the year. A nice little winter break before we gear up again. (or not) Enjoy some rest and recharging.
Wishing you only little well behaved dogs and the best junk EVER
in 2012.

AshesandCrimsonRoses said...

My dear sharon! Happy New Year from the Wickersham/Saguilan Family!!! Take it easy,rest and "re-boot" while we await the wonders,oddities and new creations you will have for us this year!! Can't wait!! :) Tell piper i love her new doll pictures,so awesome!
love- sarah saguilan