Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thar be fruits...

 My baby broccoli and it's been so cold at
night I think maybe it's had an effect on
the cabbage worms...I'm not deluding
myself though, they'll be here...

 Cukes are doing well, they'll be plenty for
my green smoothies...

 snow peas are about 2 feet tall now,
 I graze on them every morning when they
start to fruit, yumm, peas for breaky...
of course now I'll have to wash the fallout
off of them first...
is that a crazy thought or what!!!

 We could really use some heat, but
the turnips look great and a second
planting of beets is on the agenda. Had to 
plant more beans in the empty spots,
but they're all up as well

Now I'm gonna make all you gardeners cringe...
hee hee...
I struggle every year with the creeping charlie
right, well, this year I gave up,
mostly out of curiosity and to my TOTAL
amazement, the strawberries are thriving.
My soil is sandy river bottom, so berries
are always sandy, not this year, they rest on
a mattress of Charlie...
but the cool thing I discovered is...
the robins don't see the berries because
they are under the blanket developing
Now is that freaky or what
but I still have to keep it in check
 everywhere else...argh!

And thanks to everyone that responded to
yesterday's post, it is scary and we do have to
 stick's not just MY problem,
it's my brothers and sister's problem as well.
It's good to see so many of you aware,
there are so many ostrich out there
and those are the ones we'll bid farewell.
Be safe friends and be happy...
and munch on!


Anonymous said...

You have an awesome garden going on. I had a garden fresh asparagus from a friends garden and could not believe how different it taste from store bought! Yummy

Kathy said...

Note to self- creeping charlie as companion plants to strawberries! Brilliant!