Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...Friend

A snow dance
a tango of faith
into a Winter's song
she ever so softly strolls
by my side and
into my heart
as we seek each others eye
pools of silence
share the journey
of friends
of woman
of beast

when I am cold
I hope to find you
by my side
you've beckoned me and
I thought I heard you call my name
the magic of the dream
haunts me still
a wild song
we share as friend

I rise to find you
where you lay
a Winter's mist
wails across your face
as years pass by
I 'm a haunted woman
by our faith of friend
and how it lasts
the years
and ne'er fades away
like the morning dew
and the hour long past by


We'd love to share a bit of our Winter's cool air with our sweltering Aussie friends, but is what it is...but we can share shadows from across the seas. Check out Harriet, you won't be disappointed...

These words are just a little bit of an exercise in faith that I have with my trusty heathen Scratchy...

a squirrel...!!!


Golden West said...

That Scratchy has personality to spare. I bet he's a constant source of amusement for you, Sharon. He looks like a real character!

Stine in Ontario said...

What a cool pal you have! Yes, I'm sure you can depend on Scratchy to be there for you.

bobbie said...

Scratchy looks like a very sweet dog. I can believe this is a faithful companion.

Spiderdama said...

Lovely post and shots:-)
Have a great sunday!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

He he... what a lovely friend Dear Lady Sharon have.

So attentive what your looking for today.

A great job done for both of you.

Hugs from the winter wonderland of Sweden.

sarayutouched said...

poor frozen puppy...but definitely a portrait depicting how winter feels. thank goodness for the warm fuzzy photo scratchy provides...squirrel beware.

hope you have an awesome day at the will be waiting.

Tom Hilton said...

I really like that first shot--it's a fitting companion to the other snow-covered statue from a couple of weeks ago.

Paula Scott said...

Your gift of writing is off the charts. Really! It seems to be so natural for you.
Great poem, sentiment and shot!

Anonymous said...

Your Scratchy is always a delight ... how kewl that he manages the wintry conditions. That first photo is amazing and your poetic response just moving. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday ... may you see the sunshine soon.
Hugs and blessings,

Sylvia K said...

Scratchy reminds me of my Sam Schnauzer! Doggies are the best! Love all your captures and your beautiful words! Have a great weekend!


Ralph said...

The concrete doggie looks sad, maybe pensive. The actual doggie looks happy in the snow, just waiting for the snowy playtime. What a nice contrast!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely photo of Scratvhy! I like the top photo too, nice sculpture and shadows and oh so much snow...

Hot Fudge said...

YOU BURIED SCRATCHY IN THE SNOW just to get a great shot? Still, she seems to have seen the funny side, so I'm not too distressed. Have a wonderful week and try to keep yourself (and Scratchy!) warm.

Martha Z said...

The concrete Scratchy if a fitting subject for a shadow shot but animated Scratchy is much more fun.

Greyscale Territory said...

Love the opening words of your poem:
"A snow dance
a tango of faith
into a Winter's song"!
They are exhilerating!
I have read the poem a few times and still get a beautiful inner buzz!
And that first photo so looks like a plea of "Help me!"
We have more Autumn like weather again today! A brisk wind blowing, sunlight is mellow and I sense rain is imminent. Adelaide gets days of sweltering heat. We get a couple and then it drops to this! But I am far from complaining! I love the moody weather here in Melbourne! And my Mornington Peninsula always gets a wave of fresh sea breeze! Heavenly!
Sending you WARMEST hugs and smiles and light from OZ!

Beverley Baird said...

Great shadows and lovely poem!
Scratchy is a cutie!

Sam said...

Scratchy - what a cutie! Lovely mysterious shot here...and yes please - we would love some of your cool down here!!

Jeanine Burkhardt said...

OMG!*!*! For a minute there ~ I almost thought "Scratchy" got petrified (changed to stone)... Glad to know things are "OK"...Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

Jeanne said...

It may be cold, but it certainly is beautiful.

Dimple said...

Lovely. My friend is sacked out beside me now!
Thanks for coming by. The scene you asked about has a lower water line and some snow, but we have had a very mild winter so far, and the snow that had fallen has mostly been washed away by rain.

High Desert Diva said...

Perfect for Scratchy!

BLOGitse said...

Scratchy the statue
has got a white blanket on.
He's warm with a watchful eye...

Sunny greetings from Cairo's morning!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh I love seeing Scratchy making appearances here! Such a cute little character! I am so relieved to learn that the frozen statue in the first photo isn't Scratchy. I was a little bit worried there for a bit! You both try to keep warm!

Gena @ Thinking Aloud said...

Love shadow shot and love your doggie too!
Gena @ Thinking Aloud
South Africa

Twinkle Star Art said...

Thanks for sharing the cold with us, we need cooling down. Hope you and your good companion, Scratchy, keep yourselves warm and don't end up like that poor frozen puppy.

wanderlust said...

How fun! Looks like lots of snow, wow!

Birgitta said...

Sweet dog and good shots! Great poem too!

Serendipity said...

He's really cute!

Eden said...

Thank you for sharing your Winter cool air. We do have cooler temperature this time compared the last week. It was really hot.

Scratchy is such a cutie dog. I love reading the poem too. Thanks for sharing.

B : ) said...

My first time at your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!
Why don't you come on over to my blog and visit a while

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

another dog in the snow and enjoying it.

Dianne said...

scratchy has a perfect 'see a squirrel' pose
and he stands out against the snow

Sarah said...

I love your poem. It makes me think of Thomas Hardy. Scratchy looks like a lovely friend! I like the stone dog too.

Ricepatty said...

What a cutie Scratchy is I am sure that he is a constant friend and "foot warmer" for sure.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!!

Vicki ~ FL said...

Very cute dog that Scratchy is.

Mumsy said...

OMG...I took some pictures of cone flowers with snow covered, just like your header..

I like your poem, and the picture of your dog is awesome..

Cassie said...

Sweet little stone head,

Resting in a snow bed.

Effigy of Scratchy dog,

Decorating Sharon's blog.

Oh that Scrachy,is a cutie!Our 2 pooches ARE a handful, as you said!! Loving every minute of it.Sure do enjoy your photos.Thx.!

Patti said...

What a great friend Scratchy must be ...we have two cats I could name Scritchy 1 and Scritchy 2.

They love to be scritched. ;-)

Lovely poetry as always.

Maria said...

The first one looks like his freazing and thesecond one looks like he enjoys running around in the snow. Thanks for stopping by.

Gallery Juana said...

I love to see Scratchy! Cool sculpture too. I guess that is him?

That is one advantage of the cool weather: snuggling up with our pets.