Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...The Wild Ones...

Monsieur Monet
have you seen my rose
dawn has flourished
a masterpiece
as sweet scented dews
ravage a petal's
perfum'd essence
these perfect pink medallions
charm my soul
and flourish
only for me
the mistress of the lane
at this prairie chateau
my sandy loam
is hardly your palette
but your
uncultivated cousin
as coarse as the winds
rather would wander here
renegade princess of the fence row
she rules untethered
lacking regalia
she is strong willed
and true to her course
my sweet shy partner
renouncing the winds
we share seat to the throne
queens of the conservatory
the wild ones
bloom in singular
love of the home'lund
thorny and scorned
yet petite dreams of
castled gardens in the
the highlunds
for these wild prairie forbes
not so far from our minds
a painted portrait resides
of two fair maids
hand in hand
the petaled princess
and the faded rose


As always a dreamer and shadow shooter I meet with like-minded souls to share shadow portraits, though it's Sunday in Australia, us Westerners gather early to chat with our Aussie pals. We're having a blast over at Harriet's place...won't you join us there???


sarayutouched said...

"...of two fair maids
hand in hand
the petaled princess
and the faded rose..."

beautifully written...

i love the greens in the photo.

might need a second pot of coffee today to keep us warm...have an awesome weekend my friend. tilda and i have the woolies handy...we'll share...

sassytrash said...

Beautiful, as always, girl! I love the heirloom "Mothers Day" roses that bloom around here--- along the fences and in yards of older homes where they were planted a long time ago.

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments--through discouragement came realization that it would be so hard to give up my on-line friends!!

(oh, and don't forget to pick me up on your way to FL)

High Desert Diva said...

Happy SSS Sharon

BLOGitse said...

beautiful, romantic...
Both - picture and text - a whole, againg.
Happy SSS!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said... that pitcher & cups! Love the new header as well!
We're feeling the need to fluff as well...can't wait to see how your painting project goes - 'tis the season of change isn't it?!!

Golden West said...

Won't be long and you can fill that pitcher with lemonade and sit a spell on the porch at the pink chateau!

Ralph said...

A pitcher of hot tea on a cold day. We can warm up our hands on the mugs of warn liquid age look at the beauty of the warm season, a rose in bloom. We feel the warmth on our fingers and dream of warm weather beauty. A love ly capture!

bobbie said...

Very lovely.

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful words and shadows! Love the colors. The photo has it's own sense of mystery. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Dear Sharon,
Indeed... a dreamer and shadow chaser §;-) that's really a one of kind prose for us, eh?

Love that line. Thanks for grandmum Tracy, isn't it?

Love the colour of your photo today. Of course green is my heart colour.

Thanks as always for sharing nice proses every time I pop in here.

Have a blissful week-end and hope no more snowstorm for us.

xoxo lots!

Patti said...

Another beautiful poem ~ your imagination truly akes flight. I'm envious. I love to write, but cannot pen a poem.

Those antique-looking mugs are certainly unique. I llke the roses on them.

Enjoy your weekend. Stay warm if possible!

Patti said...

sorry - that should be takes flight..I lost a letter there.

Joops said...

Such a beautiful composition of thoughts!

Family Bonding Shadows

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo!

Cassie said...

I must say the musical accompanyment is perfect for your shadow shot and poetry. Monet serait fier!

maryt/theteach said...

Sweet Repose, love your picturesque shadows and roses. Your poem added to my enjoyment! :)

chubskulit said...

Another interesting composition.

Princess Shadows, have a great weekend!

Gallery Juana said...

I have to agree with sara. I love those same lines.

Rose is my favorite scent and those dishes in your photo are to treasure!

It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and see what antiques you've found and read your beautiful poetry.

Rosebud Collection said...

So pretty..Your pictures are as great, as always..Missed seeing them. Happy SSS.

Beverley Baird said...

I loved your poem and the shadowed rose cups/pitcher.

Everything said...

beautifully written and photographed. Happy SSS

Jen said...

Great combination for a post of shadow!
Have a great week

dulcy said...

Love the colors! Very similar to a rug I'm currently hooking.......


Greyscale Territory said...

Those rose cups have wonderful soft shadows, suggesting a touch of beauty from the mists of legend! Love the angled photo to show shadows within the cups!

And that glorious poem! Love the address to Monet as if letting him know that you be kindred spirits!

Summer is here with a vengeance! I had a feeling that end of January and February would be the real hot months! It is very perspirey today!
I am trying to sit quietly this afternoon with curtains drawn close to reduce the heat of glare! And the fans are swirling! (I am not fussed with air conditioners!)

I am back at school and already the work is piling! Unbelievable! But that's OK! It's early days and I feel energised after the hols!

Big extra warm hugs dear friend! I have heaps of warmth to share!


Carolyn Ford said...

How beautiful! I love the deep rich colors and how the shadows fall within the cup...very nice!

Guy D said...

Fantastic image once again, you never disappoint.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Hey Harriet said...

Such lovely colours. It's so soft and dreamy and romantic. And your poem is just the icing on the cake! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend Sharon! Ooh and I like your new blog header :)

Dorte said...

Beautiful post ... those roses are gorgeous!
I too like your new blog header. Have a great sunday :-)

Carin said...

Fantastic poem once again! Those roses on those mugs are very nice. Great find!

Dianne said...

the design is so delicate yet the colors are so strong

wanderlust said...

That's really nice. Pretty!

Helena said...

These are really beautiful... both the photos and the words.

Jane ... said...

Pretty shadows on your wild roses pitcher and cups! I love your new header too.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Beautiful photo and words...always:)

Lily Hydrangea said...

so beautifully written, thanks for sharing.

storyteller said...

Lovely post ... beautiful in every way! Marvelous poetic expression (and title) to accompany your wonderful photo.
Hugs and blessings,

angie said...

lovely how the shadows look like tea? what could be sweeter?