Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'll Miss You My Bonnie Bud

a winter's crown
settles on your scarlet bonnet
you've turned
your back on summer
oh, how I wish
I loved you
in the winter...

the evening breath
is long and cold
and loneliness settles in
and my green fields
are long gone away
oh, send me songs of springtime
and I shall love you
in the winter...

I know I'm a dreamer
my bonnie bud
ne'er turn your
back on me again
your mem'ry fixed
you are mine forever
while I silently drift
and winter draws e'er nearer

I'm not a poet
I'm a dreamer
I'm a lover
of your rolling plains
and of flakes of snow adrift
and of golden pollen
settling on the ruby bud
of a thought
and a whim
of the winds...


Well...this is what happens when it snows and there's a silence all around...the highways are closed to traffic as winter boils all around me...yet soft music, hot tea and memories of summer drift ever so sweetly in my mind's eye...and tell me again why I moved back to Iowa from Florida...


donna baker said...

Oh no you didn't. I didn't know you lived in Florida. Well, just remember how freaking hot it was. On the other hand, a howling, frozen wind is coming under my door and the Keys sound like a dream.

sassytrash said...

Maybe you moved back to experience the beautiful energizing change of seasons (in FL you sweat A LOT most of the year, and sweat a little in winter)....view scenes of rolling countryside as far as the eye can see (devoid of palmetto bushes filled with lurking reptiles) ....roam backroads where you can be inspired by old farmhouses (not swamps and more palmetto bushes and smushed snakes in the road-remember?)

So enjoy the beauty of your white winter wonderland for those of us sloshing through cold rain and mud---spring is right around the corner!!!

Lori R. said...

yea, yea, yea...
Florida was nice but look what you would be missing. Snow, blizzard snow, cold vehicle, shoveling, wet snowy paws on Scratchy, shivering squirrels, wind howling through the windows,,,, should I continue.
Well, I do know one thing,,, I'm glad you moved back, otherwise, who would Piper and I laugh so wildly with at the Shed!

simplyiowa said...

Oh Sharon...
The reason you came Home to Iowa...That's simple, we love you...And you love us tooo, that's why....
Barb C.

dulcy said...

Beautiful! Changing of seasons is the best....

sarayutouched said...

the pictures are oh so familiar...covering the land, but not our thoughts on the vibrant buds...they will return once they and us have slumbered.

enjoying your Christmas music on this day. coffee is on...