Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday...Pearls...

a little girl and her pearls
mere pebbles
gleaming streams of starlight
through her royal world,
princess notions
of walls on high
and castles to the sky,
her prince awaits
at the guarded gate
for m'lady's heart
and the notions
of a girl
and the pearl
in her heart...

the wisdom
of her seasons come
and her seasons go,
but the notions of a princess
share the sky
with the stars
and the hearts
and the spirits
of all gone by,
as flocks of princess'
fill the sky
with dreams
and pearls
of a season flown by...

to be again
that girl
with the pearls
and a notion
of a season gone by
to a castle in the sky
and a pearl
 in the heart
of a girl...


Hey, hey, Hey, you know, it's Sunday in Australia and we've all gathered again...a group of virtual friends sharing our visions of shadows and a thought in the moment of our time here together...enjoy and check us out...we're cool!


sarayutouched said...

your necklaces are devine...and so is the shadow that was produced...looks like at days end. you are so talented. hope the open house was a huge, huge success!!

bring your snowshoes and parka is served-after i brush the snow from the chairs...

Quilt Works said...

Wonderful composition! I like how the neckless is layed out and the shadows. Wonderful that you can use your artwork in your photography, and your photography in your artwork.

... "Simplicity is beautiful"

High Desert Diva said...

Yes, we are!

Ralph said...

Pearls, actually any gem precious or otherwise, are works of art. The true value is not in the style or expense, the personality of the wearer makes any bauble shine!

Patti said...

The necklaces are lovely creations. Recycled beer bottles? That's great.
I love jewelry, maybe I can try to make something someday.

You are a talented poet as well.

The old-fashioned portrait is beautiful. Is she a long-gone relative?

Have a great weekend.

Sylvia K said...

Lovely necklace, marvelous composition and beautiful words as always!

Have a great weekend!


JOE TODD said...

I will just say Ditto to all the other comments and I like your philosophy of life. Thanks for the post

Deb said...

Love the soft shadows and the drips of ruby red.

Crafty Green Poet said...

gorgeous neckalce and lovely shadow it casts too

bobbie said...

What neat shadows the necklace makes!

Sam said...

Oh I love pearls and these are gorgeous - black pearls are so rich and pretty! The poem is lovely too! Happy SSS!

Beverley Baird said...

A beautiful necklac, shadow and poem! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Very nice necklace.


Jacqui said...

Great necklace photograph and the poem as ever is the perfect accompaniment. Love the sound of your candles and soaps. xx

Hey Harriet said...

I agree! Our gang of shadow shooters are cool! As is your pearl photo and that gorgeous poem!

...I'm still waiting for your poetry book to come out. Release date? :)

Greyscale Territory said...

This necklet could be like a string of gems from a young girl's dream. Others may see the final beauty, but only she really knows why they are there, linking in understanding. Such a unique pendant softly graced in lingering shadows! You are so talented!

How have you managed to create beautiful work like this, help out at the Candle Shed and have an open house! (Not forgetting you did some moving once or twice in between!) You are one amazing lady!

Now the craziness at school is slowing, I'll be visiting your blog more regularly and I'm going to write more articles for Helium! (Last week at school this week! Prize Giving tomorrow night so it'll be a long day and then it will just be coasting I hope!)

Huge HUGS dear sister! I wish I could just fly over to visit your world awhiles! I wouldn't mind the snow even! It would be so much fun to help you a little! I'll keep dreaming and believing!
HUGS again!

Lori R. said...

Love your poem and the pic is truly a gem.
Sure had fun Friday night, at the family affair!!
All my favs there, even gramps..

whizkid said...

very creative - the necklace, the photo and your poem too :)
happy sunday!

Utah Grammie said...

Beautiful images, beautiful words, beautiful YOU! Have a wonderful shadowy-Sunday!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We all are so very cool...aren't we? Love your photo...a family member we'd say! Your shadow of your necklace is super cool too - and we LOVE that necklace!!

MyMaracas said...

I love the necklace and the poem. This post reminds me of all the fun I had with a wooden box my grandmother had that was stuffed with "junk" jewelry from the 20's to the 40's. I always felt like a princess, draped in all that finery.

Rosebud Collection said...

What beautiful shadows and lovely words too..
Happy SSS.

Had snow last night..melting right now..but can't melt fast enough for me..ha, ha..

Paula Scott said...

Wow again! Love that necklace! And, who is that enchanting woman???

BLOGitse said...

you're so talented...beautiful as always!
Have a nice, not TOO busy, week! :)