Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wanna hear something insane...

Just when you thought it was safe to own your
own piece of the American dream...along comes
another government agenda to rob you of all
your freedoms...if I were a Mexican,
I'd stay in Mexico...
you think that fence is there to keep you out,
think again...
it's to keep us in!!!

Forcing property owners to destroy homes, leave land all part of UN's Agenda 21

The US government's coercion of property owners to destroy their homes and leave their land is all part and parcel of the United Nations Agenda 21 program, a plan of action for "sustainable development" designed to cluster the populations of the world into organized, tightly-designed, planned communities, where they can be monitored, tracked, and forever connected to the government control grid (

Living on one's own private land, especially land that is detached from a major city and its respective power grid, is simply not part of the UN's global agenda for population control.

That is why the UN created a "Wildlands Network and Smart Growth" component to Agenda 21 that gradually forces rural individuals to migrate to urban clusters, while seizing control and ownership of their left behind land in order to turn it back into wild, government-owned land (
And here we are again, like flocks of sheep being
led to the slaughter by our own government...
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Sometimes I just have to let it go, because
this world we live is a den of thieves,
full of corruption, full of lies and deceptions...
it isn't ours anymore!!!
Check out Agenda 21 for yourself,
it's happening!

Yesterday the state morons were out on their
mowers cutting the grass along the 4-lane and
mowed right up to the edge of my property line
where I have tall prairie grasses growing and cedar trees
to keep the idiots on snowmobiles out of my yard...
they always mow an extra row into my property,
because ya put a man on a (RIDING)mower and ya got
total devastation, he goes crazy!!!
So now I can't let my chickens free-range
for fear of them getting on the highway...
those men(I use the term loosely)
are afraid of metal stakes...
I feel a fence coming on...!!!

...just sayin!


Jane said...

Uh oh, something else for me to get anxious over. I am going to end up getting arrested some day, I just know it. No one is going to tell me what to do with my land. Sigh.

Carolyn Renee said...

I get sick when I read stuff like that, but it's because so many others just stick their heads in the sand that we have to deal with government intrusions and tyrany like that.

Just found your blog from Jane's place. Got some back-reading to do. Glad to meet ya!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

A very intresting post today. I luv the intresting images you use on your blog. Thanks for sharing.....Julian

Susie said...

If only we would all mind the bounderies. Some of our farmers are dang near planting crops in the road.haha. I totally understand the grasses for helping the chickens run free and baffling the noise.Don't always like fences...but have you ever heard"good fences makes good neighbors"? Ain't it the truth girl?But now the fence for keeping us here, that's another story. Stay strong Sharon. Smiles to you,Susie

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a government employee? That's why I couldn't understand people flocking to support gov. run healthcare. Are you kidding me? Have you spent any time at all working with the different departments? Hello, I have a union contract and if it's not in my contract screw you....oh and increase your taxes to pay me because I'm worth it and your not. Oh my you've really unleashed my feelings haha. Really don't get too upset about what you read. Let's face it they AREN'T as together as your giving them credit for. Those who can't work for the government and those that can work like dogs to support them. What am I saying? I agree there is a agenda now that is going full force to control us. How many fries would you like....3 well okay. Please


Anonymous said...

Just so ya know Clinton signed that treaty,Years ago John Stossel did a report on it on 20/20.