Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Wild the farm...

Hasn't every little girl dreamed
of owning her very own pony...
well, this girl as well,
but my dream never came true,
but I still dream of sharing life with one of the most
beautiful animals on the planet,
my new biz card...
it'll do!

The backside, sharing my stats and vitals...
as I prepare for the open house at
Sister's Garden FARM STYLE...

Well, you've all gotten to know me pretty well
by now and you know my quirky style,
so are you surprised...NOT...!
I sell oodles of frames up there, but I wanted you
to really notice!
I'm copying old farm photos to make
them more interesting...

but it easily could be...some day...

Bunches of new soap scents will fill the breezes
with decadent scents of the kitchen,
like Peaches n Cream,
Chestnuts and Brown Sugar and
Almond Rum Cake...
oh, you should smell my house this mornin',
as burned the midnight oil last night
preparing for the event...
You DO NOT want to miss this,
I am constantly amazed at my sisters(and Brandon)
Sister's Garden and Bloom!
Y'all come now!!!


misselaineous said...

Hey...and Haaaa!!! Love your new card...fits you perfectly...and snorts and giggles for the makin' bacon oinkers! First laugh of the day! *e*

Jane said...

Like how you have that carefully placed price tag on the pig picture. And I am coming over to smell your house. Mine smells like old dog, and I would really like to smell some chestnut and brown sugar instead!

Vintage Green said...

Hey ...WILD your new card!! So, the pig will have to let us know how long it takes to sell, I am thinking not long..... I bet your house smells fabulous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your new card, the photo frame piggies. Thanks for putting a smile on my face each day as I read your blog.

time worn interiors said...

I like you new biz card! Should have you design one for me cause you are really good at it!

Golden West said...

I just read Iowa may be having a record cold snap tonight - brrrrr!

trash talk said... that what is meant by "a pig in a poke"?
Good luck with y'alls sale.Sell it to the floor!
P.S. You my friend are the real deal...and a nut!