Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Have you ever felt alone...

still structurally sound
greying yet still
weathering many a storm
an oddity
folks wonder how it is you still stand strong

simple beauty
delicate charm
the work of a master's art

the beauty lies within
in silence

as days shorten
seasons end
things get a lil' foggy
you're not really alone
you're just waiting
till the next time
a friend walks by

Then something special happens
a friend walks in
Tisha's mom
a grooming client who knows
what I'm all about
with special treats
and a special friendship
we are not alone

thanks Larry and Shirley

are you sure this was fat free???


sassytrash said...

How nice to have friends drop by, especially with yummy treats!

I loved your sunrise photos!! Everything looks so Fall-ish! The leaves are starting to change around here......and I can't wait 'til Spring ALREADY!!

summersundays-jw said...

How I would love to hang a bittersweet wreath on that door & put candles in all the windows. Sometimes I feel alone but like you, someone always shows up. Jan


I love the old outbuildings, I wish I could save all of them. They stand tall in my eyes. HUGS MARY

Kattywhompus Primitives said...

What a beautiful post...both the words and images.


time-worn interiors said...

It ain't no brownie, but it sure does look good! Dang! To bad I wasn't there! You would have shared, wouldn't you?

Sisters' Garden and Bloom said...

Beautiful post..and oh,...yes...that PIE does look delicious!!
And---sometimes we are our own best friend---when the world deserts are so lucky you have so many talents to find your joy in. Peace and love sent to you!! Thanks for all you do for everyone!!...barb

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Always nice to have friends stop by.
I love that pics of the building, very solid looking, and yet peaceful at the same time.

Greyscale Territory said...

Beautiful, atmospheric foggy shoot! A very dreamy kind of moment!