Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...Fancy that old thing...

I fancy the way the harvest sun plays
it's brilliant theme of golden haze
drawing my eye t'ward the glowing schemes
and mine of olden, olden dreams

Ebbing light of yesteryear
has washed away my elder fear
knowing now what lies in light
fearing not what's shining bright
a spiritual fog has held me strong
I fear not
what's set to come

peace of mine

Though I don't consider myself an elder yet
it's a'comin'...
I'm starting to see a certain elderly respect
from the younger generation, holding doors open,
running over to lift something or just offering help
calling me Ma'am...
Now some are offended by that term, but to me it's a given of respect
and a bit of caring, besides, there are more pressing issues
to be 'put off' by,
like joint that pisses me off! is what it is, so relax and head down under to Australia
where Harriet awaits our shadows.

Sorry if I've missed commenting back to some of you,
but time has really left me without...
and as the days shorten here in the Northern hemisphere
time gets away...which in reality means...
I fell asleep in that big ol' comfy chair that sucks the life outta me after work!!!

But I think of you often old friends...



Jackie said...

I love your poetry...and photos to highlight the stories you weave make it extra special...thanks, great way to start my day.
bliss farm antiques

Ralph said...

The old drapery pulls are elegant and of a long ago era. Today, draw pulls are of nylon cord, efficient maybe, but not rich looking like before. Beautiful!

Sylvia K said...

Like Jackie, I love your poetry and your thoughts as well your wonderful shadow shots -- like today. The old drapery pull is beautiful! I am an "elder" and then some, but life is beautiful in spite of the aches and pains and poor memory!! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!



I also love your poetry,,,,,,,,,,,,,I look forward to seeing you in blog land, HUGS MARY

Catherine said...

what a fantastic image - quite lovely in shape, colour and texture..

Livsnjutaren said...

Beautiful photo;)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

shadows play
themes of yesterday—
sweet old tunes

SSS: Light Awaits

Anonymous said...

Super photo and words as always.I've been absent from commenting on SSS for a couple of weeks .... just too many other things getting in the way!

The Clip Cafe said...

Very Nice! Makes me think of and old house with veranda's for some reason! It's a nice shot!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely shadows in that first photo especially

Rusty said...

A great eye for light and shadow...ATB!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Great shot and verse. And I am not surprised you have been enjoying some time in your "comfy" chair. You have been very busy over the past months.

Enjoy your weekend.

Greyscale Territory said...

I am still recovering from being called "sweetie" in your comment on my SSS post! I've gone all "goo-gah"! LOL!

Adore these dark and moody shadows! And those tassels look so regal!

Talking of respect, my ex-students call me Miss even after they have left school! (Many return to tell me of their latest escapades! It is quite a regular after-school event! Many are there to drive younger brothers/sisters home!) They said that they like it that way! I get quite thrilled by it! And some still ask for advice too!

I notice that you mentioned watercolour painting! Hope you take some photos of your work and post them! I'm quite intrigued!

Now to face our wild weather outside again! You have Indian Summer and we have Siberian Winter in Spring! It's hilarious! NOT!

O dear Sister I so wish I could visit! Even just for a little time! Would be so good! I've even dreamed of doing some small (big?)project together! Like hands across the water we would be! Sighhhh...

Always a BIG HUG speeding your way! Enjoy your week!

sarayutouched said...

ah yes...the days are growing the photos. i am glad to see that there is respect paid by the younger generation...very refreshing indeed.

Beverley Baird said...

Great shadows the cords made! Your words just highlight the shadows as well!

Jeanette said...

As always Beautiful Poetry along with a wonderful Shadow Shot.
I look forward each week to seeing what shadow you have captured and how you will spin your magic in words to go along with the shot.
Thanks for sharing!!

Limar said...

That's a beautiful photo! :)

BLOGitse said...

and life is good, Ma'am! :)
Have a good week ahead!

EG Wow said...

Neat shadows ans I too enjoy your poetry. You have so many fans!

Just Me said...

Wonderful! Both your poetry and your photos. I'm delighted to have stumbled across your blog. :)

Melody ~ Blondie's Abode

GardenJoy4Me said...

Sweet Repose : )
Your SSS made me smile .. I love the shot of the drapery tie, the shadow and ebbing shadow was perfect for this late season sun .. I watch how it reacts with everything too .. it is beautiful. As was your poem .. and how true is it as well .. you could have been speaking about me : ) .. lovely !

Tom Hilton said...

Very nice--great shadows.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Ha ha... did you start your yoga too?
Now, God must be crazy, then? like both of us. *LOL

That's really lovely shots. If you don't know yet, I love tassles...

So, you mean you're tired? That old couche full my old lad fween? Ahhh... not only U dearie, your lil real crazy fween is also very tired of these cold days coming.

Anyways, we have to enjoy whether we're tired or not, or? am I complicated, again?

Have a wonderful Sunday, Lady & hugs to you.


Pagan Sphinx said...

I know that choosing not to color my hair ages me a bit so I walk with the spring in my step I still have, speak in a friendly, youthful voice which I still have and I try not to crab cuz that is the one thing that I personally find ages people the most! Nice post.

I like your shadow, too! :-)

My entry is here

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

ha! Sharon you are so ornery...join pain - you crack us up!! Love your tassel shadows...we'd love to pull them - perhaps we'd hear a booming "gong"!! Have a super week....get that Christmas out :)