Thursday, March 22, 2012


 Bichon Frise...
I came out of retirement when the
economy took a dump, simply for
the fact that I needed the extra income.
Grooming for 35 years has taken it's toll,
bad back, tennis elbow, finger joint pain,
hair in the lungs...
but all for the love of dogs...!

 A poodle with a bichon haircut...
this is your best bet for hair shedding.
Highly intelligent, easy to train and FUN!
Many say I'm too cheap, and I agree,
but there is a reason for this...
I'm not the only one struggling out there!
I only groom small dogs and
I only groom dogs that are groomed
frequently, for conscientious pet owners.
This way I have a constant flow of traffic
and I don't kill myself in the process.

 Oh Gayle, the adorable corgi...
shall we talk hair...and lots of it.
Corgis are perpetual shedders, like labs,
German shepherds, Weimeraners, Jack Russells.
So if you don't want hair...
but I love the corgi and almost got one,
but the size more than the hair stopped me,
they aren't small dogs, but adorable
and a riot...right Gayle.

 Pound puppies...
the terrier mix is a fair shedder,
the hair stays on the dog(like poodles),
which requires brushing, otherwise
the matting begins, but the hair
is easy to brush with the proper brush.
I use a slicker brush exclusively,
 a soft bristle brush is for you,
a comb is for finishing
A trick for removing undercoat,
when you bathe the dog,
ALWAYS dilute the shampoo,
I use an old dish soap container,
then while the dog is all soaped up,
use the slicker brush all over,
the hair will come out in heaps.
Never give your dog a bath
and not brush it out...

 Cold climate dogs, mountain dogs...
why would you want one of these
if you live in Florida or Phoenix.
You have no clue to the amount of hair
you will be dealing with...
I would charge $100.00 to groom a
 Newfoundland, Pyranees, St Bernard!

this is a big dog, doesn't shed much, again,
the hair stays on dog and must be brushed.
I am totally against mixing breeds for
profit, but if you're dumb enough
to pay $500.00 to $1000.00
for a mutt...nuff said!
But they are fun dogs.

 There is nothing to compare...right!


Just remember, ask your groomer first
And don't be fooled by the cute little face
Yorkies are adorable puppies,
need constant grooming,
have knee problems,
bark constantly
and think they are Dobermans...
Be prepared and change groomers if
 you aren't happy...
there's a lotta bad apples out there!
Happy brushing...

PS...always groom your dog on a table,
make him stand and obey,
you'll make my job a lot


Alicia Sotherland said...

love it!!

Charade said...

What a great post. My vet friend says they call the Bichon a Bitchin' Frizzy, because it fits. I guess I better go brush my teeny Maltese before she crawls back under the covers and felts herself into one big mat.

Gayle said...

I have used your soap/slicker tip
ever since you passed it on to me and it really does work. I have had at least one corgi in my life for the last 25 years or more, so I am used to the hair (even though I complain about it) but this one I have now disagrees with me on how she should smell. If there is something stinky anywhere she will find it and adorn herself. Like you, I live on acreage so she can usually find something she likes.
(dead moles seem a favorite) are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much,as the owner of 2 Shis Tzu's one a recue from the pound, I need all the advice I can find. Love your Blog !!!

cconz said...

Oh no, i'm a bad dog owner. I don't even own a dog brush. I do think it would help with those little hairs i find all over. Emmie is in need of a nail trim.

pepper08 said...

I love your blog! and appreciate the dog tips.I have a cockapoo and love him to death. You don't hear much about them, guess they aren't too popular.

Natalie, expert about bichon frise said...

Your Bichon looks like a snow ball. I have one at home and I will try the cut like yours. I always bring my dog for grooming. I know that adds to my expenses but that dogs should be treated like human too.