Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friends and inspiration...

 A surprise from a friend,
a beautifully decadent lampshade...
my bestest bud Cathie C
left a package for me on my front porch...

 Cathie and I met years ago because of our
interest in reproducing
Victorian lampshades and our love
 of antiques and dusty old stuff.

 This is one of the first shades she bought
with intent to redo, but Cath and I both
are just too busy to start up another
shade project and she knows where my
love lies...dusty n crusty...

 We are all familiar with the decadent
style of Magnolia Pearl,
check out the shades...

 Thanks to Robin my style is defined.
There is a welcomed feeling in the
shabbiness of crumbling interiors.

 Not Shabby Chic, not really Victorian,
more like brothel meets Gypsy caravan...
this style suites me well, especially in
the surroundings of my lil' pink shack
and these wonderful lampshades
TOTALLY set the mood...

 Especially when lit, this is one of Cathie's
handmade shades, TO DIE FOR...

and this is my bestest bud Cathie
and her partner in crime Bill.
Both are totally into travel and set
no limits as to where their next
adventure will take them...
she is truly a soul sister, a one of a kind,
a pure light spirit!!!
I love you girl...let's get together soon,


Vintage Green said...

She knows and loves you well, that shade is perfect for the Pink Chateau.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

She certainly does know you well, that lampshade speaks of your style.

So Victorian looking...very nice.

Bohemian said...

OMG that Shade has me drooling... it's to die for... and I'm Loving your Vignette and Styling around it too! So glad Cathie didn't get around to a re-do because it's absolutely perfection "As Is"... and just the way I like them too! What a wonderful and generous Gift! I'm into Deconstructed Lampshades right now... but only the Old Ones that Time has deconstructed. My G-Kids think thats a bit nuts... in a Stage Whisper the 6 year old told her Grandpa that Gramma had just bought a bunch of "Broken Shades"... *LOL* They're probably all conspiring to find a good Home for me as we speak... of the Nursing variety?! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

cconz said...

Hey sweets i'm just catching up. The shade looks right at home at your place. It is like an old friend since it had been with me for so long. Thanks for all the praise.I'll stop by again when your home next time.