Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not to worry...

Actually grooming your dog can be fun...
if you make it a possitive experience!

I'm a self-taught groomer...
my step-pops is a veterinarian,
one day he handed me a book on grooming,
a set of clippers and said LEARN...
I was in my 20's, been doing it
ever since. I watched the dog shows
faithfully to see how breed styles
were really supposed to look, now,
with the internet you have it all
available with a click.
Next week I'll begin to show
a grooming in progress as I work on it.
I am showing you the basics,
nuthin fancy, just what you need to maintain.
Then as you progress, you may want to try
 the finer art of grooming.
if you really love it and want a career change,
grooming can be very rewarding.
the money is good!
But I would suggest starting one
on your own, working for another shop
can be grueling, shop competion,
 ruthless shop owners and bad clients
that you want to choke...
you don't have to take their crap,
and believe me, they can sling it!
More on that later as well.
So get an apron and I'll see ya
next week.


mermaid gallery said...

Thanks to your last post i got the nerve to cut my big dog's toenails. Easy as pie when you go at it with confidence. They know when you are nervous. Looking forward to learning more! best, Susan

Anonymous said...

Excited to learn from you,ordered my clippers today WooHoo.Thanks Sylvia