Friday, March 2, 2012

The divorce house...

 My divorce house...
Lorie(The Junk Asylum)sent me this article
from Huffington Post on married women's
fantasies about their dream homes...
my situation was typical of many women,
an alcoholic husband that made most of our
20 year marriage a train wreck!

 My lil' pink shack was bought to
house my antique biz,
which it did for several years.
It was my getaway from the
problems at home.
I lingered here constantly, not wanting
 to go home to that...soooooo...
The divorce house was in the making!
 I started planting my dream gardens,
planting trees where no man
would plant, 
dragging stuff from home, giving it
permanent residence in my dream scape.
 I started fencing in a new life without
his presence or knowledge...
when the day came,
he was shocked at my bravery
 and confidence, though inside I was
totally freaked about finances
I was still grooming full time,
 but was needing to retire...
but my will to set out on my own
was far greater than my will to leave
well enough alone...

 I totally began to bloom,
 letting go of 20 years of history,
don't get me wrong, there were lots of good
times too, but the uncertainty of alcoholism
made it a crap shoot EVERY DAY!!!
But I was in paradise, building my new life lifestyle and my surroundings
are built on that freedom called free will...
and I will never have to hear that remark,
now where do you think
you're gonna put that...

My mantra...
sure, my lifestyle isn't for everyone,
it's a daily struggle living alone, you
 have to learn to do it ALL by yourself
or just plain and simple live without.
But when I look around at my lil' pink
 shack and see my accomplishments
 and the home I've built on my
 6 acres of paradise,
I've never looked back and regretted...
and NO, I never get lonely,
 I stay busy and own a terrier...nuff said!
I own me, I'm not an extension of him...
I am woman,


The Shabby Shack said...

Nice to read how strong women can be, thanks for sharing. Like your little pink house so cute and your shabby chic decor love the look.

Karen said...

I grew up in a little pink house. Yours is much nicer! Love your decor and your attitude!

Alicia Sotherland said...

now you can meow and purr like a kitten... no need to roar anymore!!

Vintage Green said...

Your strength is an inspiration.
Love this post, couldn't admire you more. BTY, that picture of fence and gate is awesome.

time worn interiors said...

I wish everyone could read this story! I may have to post about it and send people over! Love you sista!

cconz said...

You are an inspiration, in so many ways. You never cease to amaze me. The wheels are always turning. There are a lot a women that need you to show them the way. "Men" not needed, thank you. Drinking problem OUT, drug problem OUT, making my life miserable OUT. THings work them selves out. But that 1st step is major.

suzeeez said...

I'm proud of you Sharon. I was in the exact kind of relationship for 21 years also and finally didn't want to play that game anymore. I got out too, it was the best for me to do, I am happy now and it's been 12 years.

You are a very strong woman.

Hugs, Sue

concretenprimroses said...

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I understand. I came from the same circumstances. It's difficult at times, but so rewarding becoming the person you were meant to be.

Charade said...

I love your pink "shack" and all it represents. Thanks for putting your story out there.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Great post, another brave woman determined to make a better life for herself.

You should be very proud of yourself my friend xx

trash talk said...

Preach on Sister Woman. Life doesn't come with a road map and one never knows where it'll take us. Sounds like you set your GPS for the high road and rock!
P.S. When I first got married, I set up a savings account and called it my "leaving money". Cat Daddy DID know about it and he knew from the get go I'd not put up with a lot. Over the years if we needed something unexpected, he'd ask how much was in the leaving money. LOL

MyMaracas said...

I love my home here with my husband - I've been wildly lucky to have him in my life - but I do envy you your own house, where you can do as you damn well please.

I thought I was the only one who fantasized about a secret little house, all for me. Yours is absolutely wonderful.