Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, has it been that long... didn't notice that
your dog can't see, that it's been
6 months since the last grooming...
I used to hear it all the time!
I keep my prices reasonable to encourage
more frequent visits, $18.00, this
allows me the right to refuse to do,
but most comply.

 Not much can be done at this point,
it must all come off, unfortunately
this lil' dog is not very good to groom,
she bites when you touch her feet
and face, if she was groomed every two
months, which is the norm,
she would get used to it.

 The full coat...

 without coat...
this sweet lil' guy gets his hair
totally shaved every spring.
This is something I definitely DO NOT
recommend, poms are double coated dogs
and eventually the shaving will ruin the coat,
so if you don't want hair and
constant grooming, do not get a pom...
this lil guy is an angel to groom,
his owners constantly brush him out,
he looks like a little black fox.

And this is the cutest dog
in the whole wide world...
my lil' heathen 'Scratchy'.
She's a Cairn terrier...
key word TERRIER!!!
If you are not prepared for a
high-powered dog, don't go here.
They bark at everything, are bullies
around other dogs, hard to potty train
and hate cats...
but are a laugh a minute, the funniest
 lil' heathens around and
great mousers to boot!
Always research the breeds before
you buy your puppy, talk to a vet
or a groomer to know what
you're getting into, we know dogs
and have heard all the excuses...
don't forget your responsibility
and don't buy from puppy mills!!!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

we sure try to keep Braxton & Lulu groomed as often as we go! They all look amazing..but I have a soft spot for one in particular..Scratchy!

Eccentricities said...

Oh, and don't forget, Scratchy's just a wee bit protective of Mommy!!! She did NOT appreciate Dawn and I!!!!!

Get some sleep!

Gayle said...

Oh Sharon....$18????????
I just took my corgi to the groomer last week. I go to pay, and she hems and haws and says, "now what have I been charging you?" Me..."$35" (plus tip) She..."Well those corgis have so much hair, I need to charge you $40" (plus tip) I know they have lots of hair....why do you think we are here????????? Needless to say, looking for a new groomer.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Oh, that's sad that that cute little dog doesn't get groomed often enough, and only $18..

As for Scratchy, he is gorgeous.

Shawna said...

Your Scratchy is adorable. I have always loved Cairns and wanted one but I ended up falling for a sweet little dorkie. A dorkie is a Yorkie and Dachshund mix. Mine has all the bad habits of each breed but she is still a sweet little thing. Where I live grooming seems to cost about $50 and since I am on an unpaid sick leave and don't have much money I do it myself. I admit it's a bit of a hack job and some day my poor sweetie will get a pretty haircut.

Anonymous said...

My Jack Russell, Coco ( my daughter was a fashion major when we got her, hence Coco. I think she looks like a boy dog myself) and Scratchy have a lot in common. LOTS of work but she is a riot. Oh the hair!!!!!! It's like having a Christmas tree run around the house all day.


pepper08 said...

I love your blog and the dog tips! I have a cockapoo that I love to death and I don't hear much about them. I guess they aren't that popular.

concretenprimroses said...

Love the doggy pics. That foxy pom is charming.
My terrier (?) pug mix likes our kitties luckily. We know his mother was a pug but he doesn't look like one at all.