Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What next...
Baker's Green Acres farm raises hogs,
not just any old hogs, these are a sustainable
breed that handles the Michigan winter with
ease. They have a darker red meat,
 with a sweeter composition than your
regular factory farm meats...
But the Michigan DNR has deemed
them feral and plans to destroy the herd
April 1. This is most likely due to
pressure from huge factory pork producers
into whose pockets the DNR is deeply
embedded, money talks...
Just another bid to destroy the family farm.
The Bakers have developed a niche market,
but in todays corrupt society,
you don't have the freedom of choice...
I'm just waiting for the food gestapo
to raid my hen yard, deeming them
as an unhealthy food source,
 but a hen raised in a battery box is healthy.
Please protest this in any way
possible, make it go viral for all of us!


1 comment:

cconz said...

I read all about it the other day. It just makes me sick. What is going on these days. It's to unbelievable, Like the law in florida, that you can shoot anyone that you think is a threat. Did you know they were trying to pass that same law here in Iowa? It really wants to make me hole up some where.