Monday, March 19, 2012


 I was out walking in my forest
yesterday digging up cedar trees
to add to my tree rows, ok, this
is not my forest, but...15 trees later
and two left to plant, I stood up
 and sprained my ankle...OMG...
I couldn't walk, now what,
I'm 30 feet from my back door
and I can't walk without
excruciating pain...GEESH!

 Well, one good thing, I used my shovel
to slowly hobble back into the house,
where I applied analgesic and an elastic wrap
and elevated my leg for the rest of the day...
now, I don't do well when I know I have tons
to do and I'm laid up...
but I'm happy to report that today
my ankle is doing great...sooo,
business as usual and a lighter note...


Gayle said...

I swear by Arnica for bruises and muscle ache!!

No fun, glad you are better.

Alicia Sotherland said...

sorry about your ankle.. but I am glad its better.. and you still have your sense of humour

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Lucky you made it back home ok,.and that your ankle is better today..

Take care..

cconz said...

Hey sweets glad it wasn't broken. Great to hear your doing better,don't overdo it. What do you think of this rain? Tornados stay away.

time worn interiors said...

If you ankle is hurt, why ain't you answering you phone??????????