Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ladies Guide

This book published in 1898, is a handbook for the woman who has to take charge of everything...and the woman that owned it cut out articles on everything from flat feet to grape juice for high blood pressure. The book has a sleeve on the back cover that holds the three pamphlets, Man the Masterpiece, about venereal diseases, The Ladies Guide, about the physical body of a woman and the third is, Natural Grace Symmetry, unspoiled by the deforming influences of fashion and dress. The one article that she has glued to the inside I found rather interesting, it reads-"some men eat at their wives' table for years and never give her a word for all her patience and pains, when proper praise would turn drudgery into delight. Instead, if everything is not just to their liking, they grumble about it."

What pains has this woman and many others have gone through to write such an article and to cut it out and save it in a book. I love these old books, there is surprisingly very good natural information in them, before we got off on this whirlwind of a pharmaceutical nightmare. It even has pop-out organs to teach anatomy, it must have been a midwife's guide.