Monday, May 19, 2008

Our little space...

Just a couple of shots of our trash piles, but we had many comments that this is the way they like to see the spaces, cause they know we are gonna deal and aren't worried about the rows of perfectly tailored furniture and tables of stuff that are way over-priced. But weird stuff was selling...had a cool chippy iron bed with $50.00on it and a guy offered me $30.00 for just the rails, oh yeah I jumped on that one...and why not, I'll just sell the headboard for a yard ornament, also my favorite sampler, "Well behaved women rarely make history", lots of ceiling tin, rusty scales, lawn chairs, garden chairs, rakes, tarnished silver pieces, rusty chicken wire and lots of little painted tables and stools. There is a happy ending shabby love seat didn't have a buyer, so the ol' gal is back home with me...maybe it was the hefty price tag...hmmmmm...later

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