Tuesday, September 1, 2009

gratitude, simplicity, order and harmony...A September Song

two friends
holding hands
shel'tring a friend...
a loner
a stranger
then again...

she's rich in
gold and umber
as she dances
through fields
only asking
for harbor
from tempests
and gales

she drifts
and she drifts
on dreams
through the seasons
with gifts
of harmony
and of order
in all that she shares
and she shares her
the month of her birth
with a wish
of a gratitude
and a knowing
that two friends


I was prompted to do this post from the blog One Still frame, my sweet lil' virtual sister Robin...she just comes up with the best stuff and I'm also borrowing it from her, as she borrows it from another...
But it truly says it all...as I dedicate my little poem to dear friends Larry and Shirley for their
wonderful act of kindness, a gift of friendship and human caring for human.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all share the gifts...

September song
is a two part harmony,
as summer's lighthearted serenade ends
and a deeper melody begins.
for eight months
we've plowed and sowed the soulful seeds
of gratitude, simplicity, order and harmony
into our lives.
now an authentic harvest of contentment waits to be gathered in
as the fifth simple abundance principle --beauty--
beckon us to partake in her bounty.
begin to reap the rich harvest that love hath sown.
~borrowed from simple abundance:a book of comfort and joy

...and for Tisha too, the love of their life...
it's the simple things...

thank you!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh what a cute little pup!! Can I have him/her?

Lori R. said...

The pic so magnicifant... I just love the maple little as it is, shining between the two that frame it. and on the perks of being a dog groomer... getting to interact with such cute things!!!

Lori R. said...

love the new banner...

summersundays-jw said...

Feels like Sept. this morning. What a great title for this post & again, love the words. What a nice haircut that puppy has. Jan

Fox Hill Farm said...

Happy September....... my favorite month of the year and my 'birthday month' as well.

sarayutouched said...

love your rendition of a september song...beautifully written words...you do it so well.

see you for coffee this afternoon sister friend.


donna baker said...

Sharon, that was the most beautiful poem you wrote. And, instead of dreading the long winter, I am going to go after contentment.

Tilda said...

OH NO!! is that a tree in full autumn color I see???? tell me it isn't so? We won't be far behind you in that, I am sure. The mornings are COLD. Close to, but not yet, freezing temperature for the past 2 mornings. I am still waiting for summer, for pete's sake!
Tilda, weather whiner...

dulcy said...

Well....that's just the sweetest little baby ever!

Utah Grammie said...

Between your words and the music in the background- I am having a wonderful morning. I feel so relaxed when I come for a visit! You seriously need to put your words & photos into a book..and can it play your music choices as well?

cconz said...

What a sweetie! Pretty irrisistable.

Greyscale Territory said...

Enjoyed wandering this post from the first colours of your Autumn to the "smiling"? inquisitive face of that little pooch! Lots of beauty here!

CRJ said...

"Alive" really got me. What a way with words.

Anonymous said...

Good one on gratitude and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power