Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday...Faith...

feed a soul

hearts fill with light

communal sharing

little effort
be a brother
a sister
a partner in life

strong willed
open minds

breathe in
harmony in
and white


A family of shadow shooters join together to be a part of each others you feel it...go here...

I have the day off today, the first time in a long time...the benefit of having a booth, rather than a shop...I can get used to this!!!


sarayutouched said...

i love the black and white shot...and i love the word faith...
i am so happy you have the day off, tho i sure you are cooking up something to occupy your time today...of course, i will see you for coffee later!!
have a blessed day.


Gallery Juana said...

Your photograph works well in b/w. The slender iron heart and it's shadow are both delicate and strong.

Enjoy your day off!

bobbie said...

A very lovely shadow shot. I do love black and white.

maryt/theteach said...

Hi Sweet repose, lovely shadows! Come visit mine! :)

Sylvia K said...

Love your black and white shot! Beautiful shadows and lovely words to go with them.

Enjoy your day!


Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful black and white photo, so many shadows at play in there...

Paula Scott said...

A 'tidal breath' every time I visit here.
Can you hear that wonderful sigh of contentment?
Luscious image.

summersundays-jw said...

What a beautiful photo -- & I love the word "faith". And boy don't we need it right now. As always, you're words are right on. I always wish I'd said that but they don't come out of my mouth so eloquently. Have a great day off. Jan

Rosebud Collection said...

What a great reminds me of the old ice cream shops chair. Very nice.
Happy SSS.

Dianne said...

stunning composition
and powerful words

hope you had a great day off

prettyfirefly said...

This is really nice and very "poetic" as must say.I love the shadow perfect for sundayshadowshot. pleas check my entry at

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely shot!
The poem is exquisite!
Thank you for both.

Tom Hilton said...

Excellent shot...really like the black & white.

Greyscale Territory said...

Love the shadow of the chair softly arcing near the letters of FAITH! Instantly I thought of a rainbow shadow ~ if a rainbow could have a shadow ~ promising hope! Beautiful, sensitive photo!

And your poem is like an affirmation!

You are always so busy, but while you love what you do, all is right with the world!

Enjoy your weekend dear friend!


Ralph said...

The heart shadows convey you words with an appropriate beauty. Faith keeps us focused on the important things, we have the faith as we believe in the unseen. Your prose explains it well, although most of us have difficulty putting it into words. Nice!

bj said...

great shot..

MonikaRose said...

Love your shadow shot this week, soft and beautiful, black and white give the photo strength and outline. Have a great week :)

Gina said...

gorgeous the b&w too..and the words are so true, thanks for sharing :)

Hey Harriet said...

A beautiful image! Love the heart shaped shadow! Your poem is lovely and it also ties in nicely with International Peace Day, which is tomorrow (or perhaps the next day for you, 21st September).

Hope you enjoyed your day off :)

Bexy said...

I love the heart shaped shadow, it's lovely! Great job!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

B&W? great shot! Those 3 wonderful words are my Spanish name, as I came from the Philippines.

My real name is, Mary Hope Faith Charity: MARIA ESPERANZA FE CARIDAD.

Loving it! have a blessed day.

Shannon said...

o.. I just absolutely LOVE this shot... I have a chair, i believe, that is exactly like that one. My grandpa FINALLY gave it to me last year. I have it right here in my office, as I treasure it so much

Uncanny Festoon said...

very thoughful post.

Chris said...

I love the elements in this and the subtlety of the "faith" in the back ground.

Rambling Woods said...

I love this shot...I hope you enjoy or did enjoy the day off..but there is never enough time to get everything done that needs doing is there... Michelle

Utah Grammie said...

again, your words with your photos speak vOlUMEs! I wish everyone would read this and think...anout our nation, our world and how we are either complaining to making ya bunches :-)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The poem with this shadow shot is very moving. It surely goes with a chair back with a heart.

June said...

I love your shadow shot Sunday post. The text is as beautiful as the photo.

Anonymous said...

Greeting from Bulgaria.Thank you for visiting.Very nice photos.