Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're off...and who didn't know that...

Well, the 2 Kewpies are on to a new adventure...leaving Palo has weighed heavy on our minds, but moving on to greener pastures is something you just have to decide to do...we are now in one of the Amana colonies and it has already proved profitable...we are seeing sales and that's what it's all about.

We are also seeing sales in our other location at Grasshoppers in all in all, we are pleased with our decisions, so now all we worry about is who's driving...but one thing is sure...there will always be chocolate ice cream!!!

We only have one load left to procure, then we say adieu to Palo, with heavy hearts, but adventures and freedom on our minds we're saying...LOOKOUT, we're on the way!

The 2 Kewpies-Bubbles and her other sister Bubbles...The 'White' gurlz...


simplyiowa said...

Hey Sharon,
I am sad to see you leave Palo, It needs someone like you. I hope Amana will be Great, and I'm glad you are a little closer!
Palo will miss you, you are such a 'spark' where ever you may be!
Come visit,
Barb C.
{ I really need a fire under my butt, Sparkie!}

Utah Grammie said...

Just keep those doors open to all possibilities and you'll be GREAT! And, do those White sisters have driver's licenses??

common ground said...

OK, you 2 kewpies are crackin' me up! Have fun in your new abode.
Your "other brother Darrell". (tehe)

Golden West said...

I'm a firm believer that if you offer a quality product at a price people can afford, you'll sell. Being where the buyers are should make a huge difference, as well.

Have you ever thought about an Etsy store? You dollhead lamps would go gangbusters (and soaps, too). A 20 cent listing fee and 3.5% commission for worldwide exposure seem like a good deal.