Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Jewels... old woman sits at her station
a kitchen table and
time-worn traditions
traveled over
and over
she knows where
her duty lies
and the chore
of the day
the soap maker
and she stirs
while all around
grand children
skip marbles
and kittens frolic
and chickens peck
at the earth
while an old woman toils
and the soap maker
as grubby, bare feet
await the test
tried and true
bath time

Yummy and ting'ly this garden soap has the grit of organic cornmeal and herbs
to scrub away the grime of a day in paradise...the garden...

Colored gems in flowery fields of fragrance scent your bath in true Bohemian style...

...mmmmmm...the sweet scent of milk..soft...

...Tuscan Olive, an exotic scent that will take you away to the olive groves of far away lands
and immerse you in exotica...a true bathing experience...'s just plain good!!!


Golden West said...

Your house must smell so good after you've brewed a batch! My daughter and I used to make soap and hand cream (beeswax, almond oil and jojoba oil) at Christmas as gifts and it was always the men who asked for more during the year!

trash talk said...

Love the name Tuscan Olive...mmmm!

donna baker said...

Need some of that soap. Just finished washing my truck before a rainstorm, and we don't need one more drop of water. Hope you and Piper are well...

Jeanne said...

Oooh, pretty!

It's a shame you can't post smells. (Or maybe not.)

sassytrash said...

Your soaps look awesome, girl!
My son and daughter-in-law are into soap making, and sell on Etsy and a few other sites. It must be fun--they are like mad scientists experimenting with their ingredients!

Tilda said...

Grubby bare feet? Is there any other way to live life? I sat on the porch today barefooted, with the snow only yards away, but still the sun warmed my grubby bare feet. I am about ready to put away the woolens. You?
Tilda, winter weary

Rebecca said...

Wow it all looks good enough to eat Ha...beautiful!
Say, do you sell that soap wholesale? Looking for some for the shop

Greyscale Territory said...

Tuscan Olive! What an exotic name! Your soaps are so beautiful! You are very clever! Your home must be a wonderland of magical scents!